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7 Questions to Ask before Hiring a SEO Agency

Are you going to hire a SEO agency or freelancer? But before hiring them you should have the answers of following question.

1. How do they do SEO?

You should have the knowledge about what is the procedure they follow to improve and optimize a website such as website analysis, keywords research, competitors analysis, on-page optimization, backlink creation etc. Most of professional SEO agencies follow these steps.

2. How do you earn backlinks?

Google is very strict against the websites which use black hat methods or intend manipulate for ranking. It is important that your website have quality and relevant backlinks instead of tons low quality backlinks.

3. Can I see your client portfolio and work proofs?

You can review their work and results which they have done for previous clients. It helps to judge the work quality and ranking results as well.

4. How much keywords will you target?

Mostly it is depend upon what is your website structure and business. It is recommend targeting 2 to 3 keywords per page. Ask to choice well searched and relevant keywords so that your website can show for as many as keywords possible.

5. What I can expect in a specific timeframe?

However it is very hard to say for anyone that your website will be in the ranking in these specific months. But still you can ask as they can give you a raw estimate so that you can set specific milestone.

6. What is the cost for SEO services?

It is vary business to business and company to company. Some companies charge for hourly basis and other for monthly. You can pay them according to their work quality, measure their previous client’s results and what services they include in SEO.

7. Who will work on my website marketing Campaign?

Most of companies have their marketing team who have high skill and fever technical knowledge. The team deal with you and only responsible for winning the projects. After that they allot whole project work to their senior or junior SEO executive. Now the project’s success depends upon that person skill, knowledge and ability.

At the end, deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision. Also get some SEO knowledge before communication with them so that you can take the right decision.