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Access Blocked Websites & Secure IP Address

When you travel to a country or more intense situation live in a country where websites like YouTube and Netflix are banned you don’t get angry, but, you feel helpless as people in other parts of the world can access the information but you can’t!

This article is dedicated to a VPN service, Hide My IP, by which one can access blocked websites and still get untracked by the IP address.

Key Features

If you are aware of VPN tools you might also be aware of the fact that most of them do not provide a free trial. Hide My IP does provide a 7 days free trial which hints us about its good quality and assurance. A more startling thing is, Hide My IP does not have a yearly or a monthly fee, it is just a onetime fee with which you get the services and it also makes it cheaper than other available VPN services.
A premium subscription fee of Hide My IP is available for $7 per month or a single payment of $84.95. The premium subscription will allow you to expense faster surfing and downloading speed with different IP locations thus preventing your system from third party monitoring
Other features of HideMyIP:
  • Surfing the web anonymously.
  • Encrypt your Internet connection
  • Protecting identity online.
  • Send emails anonymously.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.
  • Freedom to choose desired location with premium subscription.

Using Hide My IP

Step 1: The very first step requires you to download Hide my IP to your device. This VPN tool is available for all popular platforms, Windows Mac and Android.

Step 2: After the download is completed, install and launch the software following easy installation steps.

The below image tells you about a screen that wil pop up intimating you about your unhidden IP address.

Step 3:
In order to hide your IP address, click on “Hide my IP” button and it will automatically search for available IP address and will select a counterfeit IP address hiding the real IP.
In 3 simple steps, you can hide your IP address and choose a fake one and surf the web anonymously and access blocked websites like Netflix, YouTube as well as Hulu.

These 3 simple steps will let you access your desired blocked website.

Hide My IP Settings

As you now know that your real IP address will be hidden but there are few more settings which when applied will help you use software more efficiently.

Quick Settings

  • IP Rotation: IP rotation can be set to any number at your expense. 
  • Launch on Startup: It lets the software launch automatically as soon as system is started. 
  • Clear Cookies on IP Change: With this the cookies stored on system will get automatically deleted once IP is changed
  • Require US based IP: This option lets you choose a US based IP address as your fake IP address 
  • Advanced Settings: Lets you change the Browser Header Privacy Settings, Language and even lets you encrypt your connection with SSL giving you freedom discard or remove certain IP addresses. 

Premium-High Speed Service

Premium members will get a premium high-speed service to select a service location of their choice for their fake IP address. Premium members can select the location of their choice just by choosing options from the dropdown menu provided.


If you are in search for a VPN and a private proxy tool, Hide My IP is a good option moreover you can decide on its authenticity on your own with the free trial of 7 days. In all there are around 70 different IP locations and before downloading the software you can check their list.

Hide My IP is worth giving a try and when you do so, do not forget to leave your comment down below.