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Asus Zenfone 5 : Performance and Gaming Experince

Asus has been the talk of the town, for which credit goes to largely it's great specifications which has resulted in exceptional performance delivered by phone, including it's great gaming performance. I have dedicated this post to all the mobile gaming fans and what has ASUS in store for them.

We quite have a predilection towards ZenUI mainly because it does not slow down Asus ZenFone 5 performance. When benchmarking, ZenFone 5 give a performance which is comparable to vanilla or more likely near vanilla phones like Moto G and Nexus 5.

Asus ZenFone 5 has pretty impressive specifications unlike most of mobile devices, it decided to go for Intel chipset rather than Qualcomm processor. This combination is really a decent pair of underdogs, Asus, a company not known for manufacturing mobile phones and, Intel, a company not known for making CPU’s for mobile phones.

Intel Atom Z2580, a dual- core CPU clocked at 2GHz powers Asus ZenFone 5 which is a faster version of what Asus used in its child version ZenFone 4.

The pricing of this mobile device is done very intelligently, when using the phone I felt the price is “less for more”. The performance is very good and no unusual and annoying lags in daily operations of the phone. Most of the phones at the price of ZenFone 5 are usually bundled with 1GB RAM.

Before we actually put our hands on high end 3D games with ZenFone 5 we testing it with Geekbench 3, a benchmarking app. The phone gave a whooping score of 1,031 points, this score is around the same which you get from Snapdragon 400 CPU. This can be seen in good phones like Sony Xperia T3 and EEKestrel.

So how is the Gaming Performance? 

It is exceptionally good. You want to test them yourself? In order to test the power is consumed by the phone’s GPU, download Dead Trigger 2, run it and observe the graphics. If the Graphics are flashy enough to give color highlights on floor and fancy water effects, the game is running on a high end processor.

On running Dead Trigger 2 on both the processors, Snapdragon 400 and Intel Atom Z2580, we observed did not believe Snapdragon 400 is high end processor, but it actually considered Atom Z2580 to be one. All, the graphics colors and highlights give the results as which are usually delivered by high end phones as the extra power greatly minimizes the frame rate change issues.

We tried our hands on experience with ZenFone 5, testing how well it can handle multiple HD games at same time. So we downloaded two of our favourite games, GT racing 2 and Modern Combat 5.
Both of these games have great graphics and visual effects which crave for Raw CPU and GPU power to render. So we took these heavily loaded games to see how ZenFone 5 handles it.

Let the pictures talk. !

Note : All the background processes are running, including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Twitter.


The phone worked better than our expectation in such heavy circumstances, this level of OS optimization is really commendable in a product. If you plan to buy a budget phone which is powerful and provides great usability, then Asus ZenFone 5 is for you. Keep up the good work Asus!