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FlipKart Mobile App : Shop on the GO !

We all love to go shopping with our friends, be it buying a home theatre system or even pair of flip flops, we always want someone to help us decide. But at times, it is not possible that friends are available to give their expert comments and share their fashion or technological experiences for the choice of our product. Flipkart made this easy with their app, you like a product you just share it with your friends on email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook or any other social platform and buy it instantaneously!

Flipkart’s mobile app is lot more different and easily accessible than what you see on desktop. The simple interface of app with minimalistic graphics and no popups makes the app to run easily even on 2G connection.

Black and yellow color scheme applied to the app is really pleasing to eye and looks great too. Front page lists down currently running offers, following which is the “special savings” offers and discount and after this you can see “Hot on Flipkart” which shows latest mobiles, cameras and watches with top left corner having a to present all product categories.

Flipkart mobile app has all the features which you find in its desktop application, consisting of, various secure payment options including cash on delivery, credit/ debit cards, EMIs and NetBanking. Product delivery tracking, ratings and other customer’s reviews, filter search and sort, and amongst the best sharing with your buddies over social networking websites are also featured on the app.

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Product listings on the Flipkart app is such that it allow users to view pictures of products and zoom to see a close-up along with product reviews, ratings and offers. There is also a price guide available, this is a bar code with the help of which you can determine price of any product from the app and get help in budgeting accurately before indulging into any actual transactions of buying the product.

Also, with app you do not need to wonder about page navigation as Flipkart App developers have considered it to be extremely crucial and came out with very easy page navigation. So, you can open one page, swipe to other and this opens up beside the previously loaded page. The search options are easiest including, text, voice and even bar code search. Another great thing about the app is you can access to recently reviewed products even without any internet connection along with all the product details.

Overall, the idea of app itself is really great, people who do not have internet access in their offices or have shopping websites blocked do have to wait to go home to access Flipkart. They can easily shop on their cellphones and share the decisions with their friends, family and loved ones.

Mobile being the future of technology and developing a perfect app around this future, Flipkart, the largest online retailer has made known that it strives for perfection and works on future thinking.

They also have a cool new FB app that tells you how much time and money you save on Flipkart! Here’s a look at how much I’ve saved!

Are you a smart shopper? Go to the app now & find out!