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Performing Free Backup, Disk Clone or SSD Migration

Windows audience often looks for reliable solutions to backup stuff as data stored on the windows drive is more prone to deleted or formatted. Also, users wish to have a reliable migration utility to from move from traditional HDD to SSD or higher capacity storage drive. Obviously, if there are free utilities for the same that best suites to their needs, that can be the best option they would like to give a shot. EaseUS Todo Backup is not just another backup utility, instead it will make your data loss worries and disk migration problem at par.

Backup utility is required to stay protected against vital data loss circumstances and increase the chances of data availability. Not every utility can give secure and powerful backup environment and might become useless if any need arrives. You need to double check the consistency and feature support of backup tool to ensure that all your data has been backed up successfully.

EaseUS Todo Backup is completely free to use and offers extensive list of features that you may found missing at single place. From data backup to disk migration, this tool will address all your needs of safeguarding your data and easy migration to SSD (solid state devices). Additionally, it offers incremental backup solutions to ensure that any recently changed or modified files copy has been saved and can be restored if required.

How it Works?

Download the little advanced setup file from EaseUS Backup website and install it on your PC. This tool supports all the range of Windows OS i.e. Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP etc. Once installed, you can directly run it from the installed location or using the shortcut icon created at the desktop.
With dedicated module and interactive interface, even the novice users can operate this program like pros. From the main interface, you can wish to proceed with any desired options like file backup, entire disk or partition backup, restore data using the backup copy created previously etc.

File Backup

Backup only desired files or folders from any specified location on the drive is possible using this backup tool. Using the windows explorer based interface, you can navigate to the location where desired files exist and defined target location to save the backup copy. Click proceed and within few minutes, the backup copy will be created at destination location which can be accessed later to restore the same.

You can choose to schedule the backup operation at any point of time and continue performing other operations. This tool supports backup of audio, video, movies (large type of files), pictures, database files, executable files or almost anything else.

Disk Backup

Same as file backup, you can choose to backup entire hard drive partitions at once. Make sure that enough space is available at the destination than the drive you are trying to take backup.

You can now be able to clone the entire hard drive to make the exact replica of your source drive. This option will help you easily migrate the existing drive with higher capacity drives or solid state devices.

Final Thoughts

Creating data backup is never been easier but EaseUS Todo backup tool makes everything fast and simple enough. From disk cloning to migration, you don’t have to look anywhere else or opt for any other utility as long as you’ve this utility around.