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What is Teen Emotional Drain? How Parental Monitoring App can Help?

The social media sites are all full of all kinds of happy and sad news: news of engagements, weddings, relationships, breakups, births, deaths, job gains, and a lot more which make your teens feel a little overwhelmed. Continuous updates from their friends and acquaintances can make your children feel self-conscious.

On social media, everyone wants to look happy. Pictures of their vacation, crazy hangout, and great bikini bodies can really take toll on your child’s emotional balance. Extensively using social media can stir up many different emotions in your teens which could negatively affect their personalities. And so parents, today, more than ever, need to mitigate this emotional stress with smart parental monitoring and letting them know that they’re doing just fine!

What is the Emotional Drain in Teens

Teens can unconsciously start comparing themselves with their friends and peers and might consider themselves as inferior, uglier and untalented. This is the most emotionally depressing impact of social media on teens today. As excess of everything is bad; this over-consumption of social media by the teens can also be harmful.

LIGO Electronic LTD explains and emotional drain social media creates for teens. Have a look; it might help you to gain a fair idea on how extensive media can impact your kids.

All of the four stats shown in the infographic are really serious:

  • 45% of people feel restless when they don’t access the social networking sites
  • 66% experience sleep deprivation
  • 60% try to get rid of media by changing their phones
  • 25% face problems in their relationships.

All of these effects are very personal and can emotionally impact teens. So try to monitor their Internet usage and their offline behavior. If you find anything disturbing, you’d know how to mitigate it.

How to monitor better?

You can’t be with them all the time but you can be there for them virtually, all day and all night. It is possible to monitor you teens to know them better and to understand their problems. There are several apps to monitor your teens via their smartphones and tablets.

You can install these apps on their phones with their consent and then pair it with you parental control account.

There is this relatively new parental app, FamilyTime, which is becoming a huge hit among parents. I discovered it by a huge number of positive reviews on this app. Anyhow, the app is easy to use and you can use it as a microscope to gauge your teens’ emotional wellbeing and find its correlation with the social media madness.

FamilyTime parental monitoring app lets you monitor their web history and the apps they use on their social media. In the Reports tab on your parent app, you can check how long they use these social media apps. Are they just getting hooked up to these? You can find it out easily. And if you want to restrict the usage of these apps, you can block them by your FamilyTime Dashboard. This will let them connect with the real life and concentrate on their studies - perfect thing to do in exam season.

Safeguard teens’ emotional health

Teens can get overwhelmed and feel stressed by this social media overload. The seven day a week access and Internet connection and social networking can harm them socially and emotionally. Monitor them closely and with proper monitoring and counseling, they’d feel less conscious about their image and stay happy.