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Samepage : Productive Cloud Based Social Collaboration Tool

Samepage is a platform by Kerio Technologies which helps team members in companies to collaborate and work better. Not only businesses but individuals can also put Samepage to good use for teaming up with friends for planning for reunions, with family to organize family functions or colleagues to run business errands.

Samepage has a plethora of things to put to use as anybody with or without having any prior technical knowledge can create free pages and share it. Let us divulge into a bit more and get to know what this tool has in store for all of us.

1) Collaboration

SamePage provides very good features to collaborate on ideas, files, meeting or just about anything. All you need to do is create a simple page in which you can add stuff like Dropbox Files, Outlook mails, Excel sheets, Word Files, photos, videos, music or just plain simple text and further share it with the people who are part of the task.

2) Planning

We all are busy with our schedules and plans. Samepage brings everyone to the same page. Here you can plan and coordinate your family parties or business meetings by keeping everybody informed and also the scheduling is better once we are aware of others’ prior reservations.

3) Flexibility

Samepage is very flexible with its accessibility, so if you are travelling, are on the way to the office or late for a particular meeting you can stay connected and inform others of your current progress. Also, Samepage applications can also be worked on with your mobile device or tablet with iOS and Android app.

4) Sharing

Sharing allows you to share any type of files, text, media or video across your friends. This helps in better organizing your content as everyone for a particular task or event is literally on the same page; getting to know the progress made or changes made or even navigate to files loaded recently or in the past, thus spending more time getting work done rather than organizing it.

You can share with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even create a separate link for the same.

5) Conversation

Conversation could not be better when you can separate unnecessary email chains from the most important ones where discussions have an impact on business or a social gathering. On SamePage the most wanted emails can be put on one page while separating from the not-so-important ones and also by keeping only the necessary comments from a mail chain thread.

6) Business with Samepage

As we have already mentioned in the post, the features of Samepage provide better collaboration, an excellent conversation medium, and an organized space to keep file folders, emails and responses. This is a clarity that shows how easily your business can work with an in-house or a geographically extended team. Everyone stays in the loop.

7) Security

When we talk about data sharing, like files, videos or emails Samepage makes sure that the information is captured only to people with a need to know basis. The user management, access controls and sharing administration of Samepage are excellent as it is also awarded with A+ rating on Data Security Review from Qualys SSL Labs.

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With a seamless workflow provided by Samepage, team members are motivated by organized content. People can collaborate much more efficiently, bringing the complete team on the “Same Page.” Geographical distance of workplace is no more an issue. Moreover, Samepage users are satisfied users, which is easily seen by the positive reviews received for the tool.

And did we mention SamePage is for free ! So what are you waiting for ? Give it a try !