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Solid Reasons to Engage Professional Printers for Calendar Printing and Much More

With the hullabaloo in the media regarding digital printing and the high-decibel promotion and publicity of multi-function digital printers, you may be forgiven for thinking that you no longer have to incur the cost of outsourcing your printing requirements. While it is definitely true that the quality offered by modern digital printers is a lot better than earlir, it is essential to appreciate the limitations and not waste precious time, effort and money in trying to execute printing jobs that were never intended to be a forte of desktop publishing.

Letting Quality Speak

A simple case in point is the printing of calendars that all businesses use as a branding promotion tool. Unless your requirement is of extremely small quantities, and there is no necessity of special textures and coatings or even binding, there is only so much you can do with even a reasonably good office digital printer. When it comes to large volumes, and special printing-effects to take into account the job invariably needs to be assigned to professional printing services that have the requisite infrastructure and facilities. What is true for calendars is also true for all sales and marketing collaterals such as brochures, leaflets, folders and posters that are normally required in large quantities and may involve complex folding, die-cutting or binding that commercial printers can only deliver. You should not even be thinking about achieving these with digital printers that you may be having in your office.

DIY: Not Such a Good Idea

Even for the relatively-simpler printing jobs, doing it yourself in the office means devoting a fair amount of resources in terms of personnel, effort and time to develop the designs. Issues such as paper weights and finishes that will invariably have you tied up in knots. Take into account the number of trial runs required to get even a reasonably small print quantity and you would wish that you had outsourced it to professional printers who would have been in a position to show you proper samples, and also handle all the pre and post-production issues. A top-rated printer will also come to your assistance with professional expertise that will enable you to achieve maximum impact with your print jobs. Outsourcing printing jobs lets your staff do what they had been hired to do – be on the field facing customers and selling your products.

Economy – Saving Money Feels Good

All business organizations need to be completely focused on costs and profitability of every action they take. Digital printing in the office environment is great for low volume jobs that also need to be personalized such as office correspondence, customer-specific communication, or even a small batch of visiting cards required before the early morning flight out of town. However, for the typical marketing and sales communication print jobs that require vast quantities to be distributed among potential customers, there is nothing better than offset printing. Both in terms of quality and unit cost offset printing scores over digital printing for large quantities due to the nature of the processes involved. With improvements in technology, even the relatively-larger setup times required by the offset printing process have now been collapsed substantially, and professional offset printers can now respond very quickly to market demands. Even for relatively modest print runs, the costs of outsourcing can be substantially less than digital printing in-house. Further these printers offer facilities such as designing layouts, proofing, content management, color corrections, etc. It is also obvious that office printing facilities will not be able to handle special requirements such as metallic foil printing, magnetic ink printing, scratch and perfume printing, fluorescent and Pantone ink printing, etc. A professional printing service will also be able to offer a whole host of embellishments such as lamination, embossing, laser cutting, die cutting, etc.