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Fortress Fury : Mobile Game Review

During our regular browsing of Google Play we stumbled upon Fortress-Fury. This strategy and action oriented game’s uniqueness in various aspects gave us an urge to blog about it.


Fortress Fury is a nice 2D game which can be played online against real people. The game has a magical essence and is set in a fantasy land of Forterra. The basic idea of game is to call upon soldiers to build fortresses with alchemy and use magical weapons to defend the castle from attackers.
This game lets you form a fort of your own using various construction materials like wood, stone, marbles and much more which can be explored later while you cover stages in the game. The main motive of the game is defending your built fort by taking cover of “the core” of your fort. If the core is targeted the fort will explode and you lose the battle.

To defend the fort you can use various weapons against your enemies. Once the fort is built and weapons are placed at strategic locations you will be ready to enter the battle field.

Game Design

You will feel a complete freedom in building the castle of your choice, mainly because this game defies few rules of Physics. Also, when you are dragging a particular object you can see what is happing under your finger in an inset screen. You can also craft stronger materials and heavier weapons to use against your opponents.

The game has 2D detailed graphics with commendable sound track having war-like tones which gives a feel of an upcoming action.

Fortress Fury Features

  1. Can be played in real time against friends, strangers or ranked matches to progress your standing.
  2. Enhances your strategy skills with a number of weapons and a thousand combinations of building materials.
  3. Boosts your potential with usage of energy crystals which can be collected or bought with real money in the game.
  4. Have fun with collecting and even looting alchemy to craft powerful items.

Fund The Fury

XREAL has not only created a great game but also a great investment opportunity with Fortress-Fury. With equity crowdfunding campaign XREAL has given opportunity to its players and others to be a part of this great game. A small window of Fortress Fury’s shares is available for general public so that anyone, even its players can be a part of $21B industry.

By funding fortress-Fury investors can get great perks, the complete information on which can be collected at www.startengine.com/startup/xreal.


Fortress Fury is a free game available to download from Google Play. This strategy game is almost impossible to put down. You will feel a sense of power in building citadel with alchemy while defeating your foes with powerful elemental magic. As a personal development this game enhances strategy and analytical skills as your competition is with real online people from across the globe.