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Top 3 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

While Apple continues to make small, incremental advances to the iPhone with every release, Samsung has shown itself to be much more willing to experiment with its flagship line of Galaxy phones. It’s a bold move that is earning the phone a dedicated following.

Samsung's newest iteration fixes some of the potholes from the Galaxy’s past and dares to look into the future of the cellphone industry. The following are the top three features to look for in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

1. New Edge Display

The S6 Edge’s screen has a curved display that shows all of your favorite information along the phone's edge when the main screen is off. Without having to unlock your phone, you get a constant stream of news, weather and sports in addition to all of your incoming text messages. It isn’t just a gimmick either. By offering you a little preview, it frees you from having to grab your phone every time it vibrates. CNET claims that the phone's unique shape has a nice in-hand appeal, but feels more petite and delicate than many other phones. However, there aren't a lot of options for cases for this new design.

The S6 Edge also enables you to assign colors to your five most used contacts. When they call, the built-in edge lighting lights up with their corresponding color. It’s a nice little touch that adds a little personality to your phone.

2. Advanced Cameras

The S6 Edge comes equipped with a 5MP front camera, a 16MP rear camera and a 3.6 million pixel display. That’s double the megapixels of the iPhone’s cameras and about 2.6 million more pixels than its screen. This means that you have to try really, really hard to take a bad photograph. In a critic and user review on Engadget, the camera receives a 9.4 out of 10 from critics and a perfect 10 out of 10 from users.

Samsung also claims that the camera can go from off to snapping a photo in 0.7 seconds, so there’s no more capturing the moment after it has already happened. Another novel feature of the S6 Edge is the 120 degree lens on the front camera, which lets you add a whole slew of friends and the entire New York City skyline to your selfies.

3. Fast Processors

How does the S6 Edge go from asleep to shooting photos so quickly? By having three gigs of RAM and a pair of quad-core processing chips. In a recent review for Techradar, the phone beat every competitor in a benchmark test, including the HTC One M9, LG G Flex 2, iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3. True, most users will never test the upper limits of the S6’s motor, but they probably reap the benefits anyway. The increased speed and power mean the phone is always just a step ahead of you. And, by splitting the load across two chips, Samsung has increased the phone's efficiency and improved the battery life.