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As Technology Advances, Real Estate Agents are as relevant as ever

The concept of eradication of real estate agents in Jaipur is totally outrun by the obligations discovered from buying and selling of properties directly through the internet sites. Instead of them gradually becoming obsolete, they have become a vital part of these transactions. If one judges superficially, he would see that the buyer looks for a property in the internet sites, then go for valuation in Zillow and offer a price to the seller .If the seller finds the customer suitable, he sells the property after the customer brings in a home inspector for the house inspection and an insurance company.

But if there is a close insight of this transaction, one will find various questions unanswered by both parties which may lead to trouble in near future, if the buyer intends to sell the property. The property dealers in Jaipur not only bring out every details of a property but also manage the risk factor involved. They assist the seller to disclose everything to the buyer and also provide proper inspection of the property. It is the Real Estate Agents in Jaipur who look after the fact that neither the buyer would pay more nor a seller would get less. As a property costs almost two to three times of the buyer’s annual income, it involves lot of risks and requires proper inspection. For e.g. If a property has plans of three floors, a computer can compare the prices of similar flats and give an estimated price but it can never mention that there is asbestos lining in the joint compound or there is a new pool and spa or there is Federal pacific electric panel in the house. These points can only be brought forward by the property dealers in Jaipur so as to get a hike in the price.

The Ashiana group provide luxurious apartments in the name of Vrinda Gardens. There starting price is quite reasonable at about Rs 39lakhs and have 2BHK and 3BHK high rise apartments. The property dealers in Jaipur provide lucrative offers for this apartment which has a club house for recreational purposes. The club house has a Gym, swimming pool, kid’s play area and table games such as billiard, tennis, chess and carom. There are places of outdoor activities such as lawn tennis and yoga. This property is only 9kms from the international Airport and thus very convenient to travel. There are a number of Real Estate Agents in Jaipur who deal with residential plots of 2BHK or 3BHK flats. A luscious green covers the front and back sides of the houses to keep the environment healthy. The Sainik properties and builders also provide 3BHK flats starting from 55 lakhs.

As the number of property builders is increasing, there is a far fetched risk of investing in a bad property or coming with unwelcomed surprises every year. This problem can only be sorted by the estate agents who get to the core to find the details of the house.