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Does Social Media Hold the Future for Businesses Finding Clients?

All businesses struggle to find new clients, but many are not keen on spending fortunes to advertise their services. Many firms are looking for ways to market their business on a budget, or even for free, and social media may be the best way to do this.

Social media is everywhere

You only have to log on to a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, to see that many businesses are making use of it, especially the big global names that often have huge marketing budgets to play with. If the big boys are using social media to reach new clients, why should a smaller business with fewer resources not do the same?
Social media platforms, such as those already mentioned and many more, are free to join and use. It takes little time for a business to set up a profile and even less to make a post. However, just because the process is easy does not mean that the subsequent ride will be easy. Social media demands constant attention and consistent engagement to deliver substantial returns. If a business cannot make at least weekly, if not daily, posts on social media, then there is little point in having a presence on the various platforms.

If a business is determined to put this level of effort into social media marketing, the rewards can be great. The key to success is in the name, in that social media is a social place, where people engage with other people, to share information and discuss. A business, therefore, has to be careful not to overstep the mark with their marketing efforts and do nothing but sell, sell, sell. Social media should be used to provide information on certain products and services, respond to customer enquiries and complaints, and, yes, market the business.

Social media companies have realized the potential for marketing and offer a variety of paid-for advertising within their own platforms. For maximum effect, essentially to ensure you are advertising to people who may have an interest in what you’re offering, it is vital that you target your marketing. This can be difficult for a business to achieve by their own efforts, and it is therefore far more effective to hire a specialist, such as Matomy Media Group, to do this for you. Matomy Media Group can identify your target market and structure a marketing campaign around the particular demographic. These specialists will ensure that your advertising is search engine optimized and your content speaks to interested parties, ensuring good returns on your investment.

Traditional advertising is not to be neglected altogether. Direct mail and print advertisements also have their place in marketing as not all of your potential customers may be hooked on social media. You might be missing out on a significant sector of your target market if they are avid magazine readers, for example, who may be motivated by a printed ad.

Social media may be the way forward for most businesses who want to market themselves without spending a fortune, but it is important to work out what type of advertising works best for your business before dropping the more traditional methods entirely.