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Fly Fall: Slice Frenzy - Game Review

This post is about a game which we came across while browsing through the Android app store, Fly Fall. We found this game pretty addictive and simple so thought to share it with our readers.

Fly Fall: Slice Frenzy, is an Android Game developed by Jelly Pixel in 2015. The motive of the game is to kill all flies that come across the screen with tapping and swiping. Flies can get rid of by swiping the screen while bugs can be killed by tapping on them.

Fly Fall: Slice Frenz game, comes in two different modes a “2 Minute challenge” and a “Frenzy Mode”. The two minute challenge is, as the name suggests, runs for two minutes in which you have to swipe as many flies and squash as many bugs as you can. Two or three bugs can be killed by tapping them together using different fingers also flies can be killed in a group by swiping them together which will also give you brownie points.

The “Frenzy Mode” allows you to play game endlessly. You have to squeeze the bugs and swipe the Flies, but beware of enemy flies which usually come on the screen along with other flies but can be distinguished by their red and black colour. As soon as you miss a fly or kill an enemy fly, there will be a red cross on the upper left corner of the screen. The moment you get three Red Cross you are just left with one life and the game ends if the last life is also exhausted.

During the game you will get 2X power up for a limited time and a gas bomb which will kill all the bugs and flies on the screen with a single tap. As a Tip, when you get the gas bomb, try to collect as many flies on the screen as you can and then hit the bomb. This will fetch you extra points.
The game also has a leader board option, this will let you know your best scores and flaunt them to your friends later.

Design and Graphics of the game are neat, lady bugs are in attractive red and yellow colours while three different type of flies comes flying across the screen. Coming to the sound, the tone is pretty catchy which will let you hum it the entire day.

Enjoy this free game and challenge yourself to squash the bugs and slice in the fly in Fly Fall: Slice Frenzy.

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