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Web Design Trends That Will Upset Your Customers and Increase Your Bounce Rate

While there are plenty of web design trends to choose from, there are certain ones that you should embrace and certain ones that you should avoid. In fact, some design trends have been found to actually upset visitors and customers, resulting in higher bounce rates and lower conversions. This is obviously the opposite of what you want to achieve when you design a business website.
Continue reading to learn more about the website design trends that you should avoid so you can continue attracting visitors and increasing your profits.

Floating Elements

Floating elements can be really distracting and annoying. These could range from social media buttons and advertisements to menus and images that continue to follow the reader even as they scroll down your website.

From a design standpoint, these floating elements look sloppy, and they also take up a lot of space on the screen. If your visitors are surfing to your website on their mobile devices or on small computer screens, these floating elements will be extremely obnoxious.

Music and Videos That Autoplay

Automatically playing videos or music when someone visits your website is no longer fun or hip. In fact, it's more of a nuisance than anything else, even if you have a player that allows for volume control or it lets visitors stop playback altogether. This only causes them to frantically search for the option to turn off the media that's playing so they can navigate your site in peace. And when they can't find this option right away, or when they want to be checking out a site without having to deal with their speakers suddenly blaring audio at them, they may end up just leaving the site altogether.

Videos and GIFs that automatically play, with or without sound, are equally as annoying and, ultimately, distracting. These, too, could result in visitors leaving your site before you even get to make a sale.

Parralax Designs

Parralax websites are those that have the illusion of depth as a result of multiple layers. But while they used to be really popular and companies used to be hired often to create these types of sites because they were unique and quite rare, they've pretty much been overdone and are no longer desirable.

While these types of websites are fine for introducing a service or product because this may not require a lot of text, these designs aren't ideal for replacing standard sites that need to provide visitors with a good amount of content. The problem is that instead of having several different pages, all of them are loaded on one page, and this can increase load time and make it difficult for people to find what they're looking for quickly.

Remember that web design trends come and go, so it's important to stay on top of what's currently popular and what's out of style. You may want to hire a company like webdesignercheltenham.com to help you. What used to be used a lot in web design schemes a few years ago is considered annoying and unattractive now, so stay on top of the latest web design advice for the best results.