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Disk Drill : Free Powerful Data Recovery Software

We have come across many Windows users who still hesitate in using a Data recovery app or a Data recovery software. This is existent primarily because either people haven’t used any data recovery tool previously or they do not put their faith in any of it to recover lost data on systems.

Recently we stumbled upon one data recovery software and could not control the urge to share our excellent experience with the tool. We felt Disk Drill, a free file recovery program for Windows could easily enter the list of must have software mainly because of its abundant features, encompassed in a simple to navigate interface. We found even advanced features can be used easily without even a bit of any additional technical assistance. The credit goes to all the effort put in by the team to simplify recovery process.
If you have already experienced some free data recovery tool, you might be aware of the fact that recover process takes quite a lot of time to fetch results. We will not say Disk Drill does it instantly but surely it took much lesser time when compared to a conventional software.

Also, if in the middle of recovery process you realize there is an important task at hand which needs to be completed or recovery process is taking up quite a few more resources, you can always pause the session and resume it from the checkpoint at a later point in time.

Disk Drill also provides an option to create a backup image of a full sized hard drive or an external hard disk. So, if you do not have enough time to spare you can always create an image ; this is very handy technique for external disk drives.

To our surprise, we found an extremely useful function named as “Recovery Vault”. It protects your “important” drives from accidental deletion and saves copies of deleted items from the chosen drives/folders/sub-folders. Also, once the file is in vault, it is easily and quickly recovered than normal process.


Features of Disk Drill in a Nutshell

  • FAT, NTFS, EXT2/3/4,exFAT, and HFS type formatted drives can be scanned.
  • Files can be viewed together or organized by file type of audio, video, pictures, documents or archives.
  • Files can be searched with the help of search tool provided.
  • Filtering options of size and date are available.
  • Deep Scan and Quick Scan recovery options available on a partition.
  • Scanned results can be stored so that they can be browsed at a later time.
  • Recovery vault is present to always keep important file/folder/drive safe. Also, this option makes recovery process easier and faster.
  • A DMG file can be created to backup volumes. This is useful in cases of uncovering data from a drive which is about to fail.


Disk Drill is thus a great tool available for a free usage on Windows. It provides a quick and simple recovery process for deleted files. Data recovery from this tool is also very famous among Mac users and Disk Drill for Mac is a flagship mac data recovery software.