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Top Five Smart Phones For 2015

The top five smart phones rolled out in 2015 come from three different manufacturers: Apple, HTC and Samsung. These three competitors have come up with the best options, the best speeds, and the best screens on the market.

Apple did a lot of retooling of its phones for 2015. Both the Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 plus are excellent choices for the consumer. Just about everything on the Apple iPhone 6 is an upgrade from the Apple iPhone5. The screen at 4.7 inches has a new HD display for a crystal clear image. Its 12 pixel camera provides photos that are clearer, stronger, and better looking than those taken with the previous generation of iPhones. Downloading has become faster as the upgrade in speed now allows for twice the speed in downloading apps and other programs from the net. All-in-all one of the most powerful smart phones out there. The only disappointment is the battery which has not been upgraded from the Apple iPhone 5. The increase in pixels and speed takes extra power that drains the battery at a much quicker pace than it did with the Apple iPhone 5.

Along with the Apple iPhone 6, Apple offers an Apple iPhone 6 plus that has all the new advantages of the Apple iPhone 6 with a larger screen (5.5 inches) and a longer lasting battery. This phone feels huge in the palm, but it also runs rings around other phones. If there was one thing Apple learned from its competitors, it was the need for a larger screen. This phone taps into that need and also answers the need for faster speed and a quicker operating system.

Samsung also has improved its phones for the 2015 market. The typical palm fitting phone that they market is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Incorporating both metal and plastic into the body is a big plus for the Samsung loving customer. Sturdier than former generations, the risk of damage from drops or pocket abuse is much lessened. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rich in features and still outruns the Apple iPhone 6 in speed and in applications availability. One can find an app for almost any need at the Google App Store and transfers to the Samsung Galaxy S6 are smooth. The camera and video systems are the best on the market. The only drawback, when compared to the Apple iPhone 6 is the packaging. The look of the Apple iPhone 6 vastly overshadows that of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung piloted the market in larger phones with its Note series. It is not surprising that Samsung should still hold the edge in this market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that outpaces any other. With more room inside the phone comes more electronics. Though a bit large to hold and, at first, a bit awkward for the new user, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has nearly every feature a person with a phone on the go lifestyle needs. The battery is monstrous and the speed is phenomenal.

The HTC phone model that is included as one of the five best is the HTC OneM9 model. It works at a blazing speed and carries a flexible storage system that allows more memory storage than any other model. The screen is distinctive and crystal clear. For all these benefits, the HTC OneM9 still has a small battery which means more time spent charging that could be used for other activities.

All in all the 2015 generation of smart phones is impressive. There are many more than just these five. Looking back to 2000, one wonders at the advances made from call and text only phones to this new generation of Smart Phones.

About Author: This article was written by Andy G, a tech geek and Linux fan from Austria. At the present moment he maintains firmware and driver download website called http://www.helpjet.net/