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Technology Changing the Way We Travel in 21st Century

It is now but a faint memory of getting up early just to stand in long queues at a railway ticket counter or paying hefty commission to some travel agent to get an air ticket. Ah! Old Days! But nobody really gets nostalgic to that experience, we are blessed to have internet, mobiles, tablets, apps, websites, and all the wonders of technology that has made our travelling experience holistically convenient.

There is a famous quote by Greg Anderson, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”. Well, this is quite true in most of the cases, even for holidays. We all pretty much agree to the fact that planning a vacation is equally fun than reaching the holiday destination. There is so much of ground work is required for a perfect vacation, from the mode of transportation, hotels to stay, places to see, clothes to buy, shoes to fit into, fresh air to breathe or unlocking peace of ocean waves, everything associated with a holiday is exquisite.
Holiday planning in this era is now hassle free with the evolution of technology, mobile phones, omnipotent internet connectivity and various apps and websites which are available to assist us every time.

Let's talk about how MakeMyTrip has used its novel technological processes to contribute towards making our holidays memorable.

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is a feature on the MakeMyTrip app that is more a personal search tool of Hotels. It is present in the form of a Search toolbar and its contextual will list down all relevant hotels, for instance typing “Budget hotels in Pondicherry” or “Luxury hotels in Coorg” will list down all the pertinent, luxury or budget, hotels in the desired area. There is an abundance of options to search starting from hotels, villas, guest houses or other accommodation options. Also, the search bar gives all the OYO Rooms listed on the app if one chooses to look for them.

App Indexing

Winter is coming! And so is the holiday season and best time to travel, in this case, having MakeMyTrip app can be extremely expedient over mobile phones. If you are browsing hotels, planning holidays, or looking for any travel related content in your phone browser, you can easily switch over to the app and make your planning a convenient and safer process to book holidays.

Bookings on your toes!

Using an App to plan, organize and book your holidays is a boon! All the information on any of your bookings, like air timings, train PNR information or hotel booking status are always on app. Also, you get notification of current deals.

Ease of Use

MakeMyTrip app is very simple and list down everything important under just four categories of Flights, Hotels, Rails and Holidays. Well, there is much more to this, under “more” option you can find Bus bookings as well. Also, the before mentioned spotlight search and app indexing makes the process much easy and relevant.

So, have you planned your vacations yet? Get amazing last minute discounts on Hotel bookings and be a smart traveller with this seamless booking experience, download the MakeMyTrip mobile app. #StayReady