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A New Monetization Opportunity with Reputable Link Shortener

Studies that I published previously on TechQuark.com, proves that Shorte.st is the best paying link shortener.

To earn good money on shortened links, publishers should match content with the customers to whom they want to show it. It is important to acquire the traffic from best paid countries, for Shorte.st they are, Asia, US, Canada and Australia.

New Statistics on Shorte.st

I barely started to test the service to present you the results, when the creators surprised me with a nice new features. They came up with new statistics through which understanding of your earnings became more clear.

Pop-up Ads Gives Higher Revenue

The second and even more interesting functionality is the ability to earn with a pop-up ads. I was interested to know, how earnings are calcualted in this case . I found an information on Shorte.st Facebook page that 25% from total revenue goes to Shorte.st and 75% to the publisher. Sounds attractive, right ?

I’m preety sure that most of you know what pop-up ads are. For the record: they are ads that are displayed in a new browser window. They can show up either in the foreground or under the currently active content.

Advantages of Using Pop-up Ads

The list of benefits of using pop-up ads:

  1. Better click through rate than other types of ads displayed on websites. The click through rate might be as high as 15%
  2. Pop-up ads are useful in achieving better branding. In case of lack of other image or call to action on the web page, pop-up ads can create great impact on viewers’ mind
  3. ROI given by pop up ads is high. That is the reason most people are ready to invest in this form of advertising

How to Use Shorte.st Pop-ups Ads

If you want to know how to install Shorte.st pop ads on your website, please follow the instructions here. They described in detail the process of embedding code on a website and comparing pop-up ads with another features.


Pop-up ads are highly desirable because they provide a good CTR and high earning. Personally I think that by using new functionality in Shorte.st, you can not only shorten links and earn on sharing them but also monetize with pop-up ads. Seems to be an interesting alternative for a lot of webmasters. What are your thoughts ?