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6 Content And Social Media Trend Predictions

When it comes to online marketing, businesses and companies use AdWords to help in the marketing of their goods and services. As 2015 comes to an end, the time has come to look through to 2016 and explore the content marketing and social media trends that will impact trends in marketing over the next year. Upcoming trends indicate that some new things will have a major impact in 2016 while others indicate an intensification of the current trends.

The first trend to look at is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will focus less on Search Engines and more on social media platforms. According to AdWords Experts 2016 Google will still be a “bigwig” in matters SEO. There has been a growth in the search for products and services on social media platforms by users such as on YouTube, Facebook, and PinInterest. This will cause a major change in 2016. There are two major reasons for this shift in customer habit. First, most users rely on other users' review, feedback and comments before making decisions to purchase. The most likely platforms to find these reviews are social media platforms. The second thing is that customers would want a more trustworthy feel, that is, looking at images and watching videos to seek information about products and services.

Again in 2016, there will be an intensification of the need to develop for touchscreens and mobile. Tablets and mobile phones are being used to make purchases, send and receive emails, watch videos, conduct a research of products, using navigation apps and getting driving directions, writing and reading reviews, using social media and visiting news and social media websites among others. From the above list, there is an indication that retailers need provide well working apps. Thus, websites need to optimize their sites for mobile use. However, a study has shown that 90% of Millenials believe that most websites have done a bad job at optimizing their sites for mobile.

Trends also indicate that content marketing will move to fancier social media platforms. Snapchat and Instagram were not perceived as valid targets for mainstream content marketing. They were unproven and at the same time other platforms like YouTube and Facebook had already been proven and had achieved milestones when it comes to content marketing success and opportunity. The tremendous growth enjoyed by Instagram has seen it as a viable option for businesses to promote their advertisements.

Coming to 2016, Facebook will remain a strong social media platform when it comes to sharing and promoting content, increasing internet recognition, and engaging with customers. Younger consumers are breaking away from Facebook as their main website from which they source of content consumption and online interaction.

Trends also show that content production must reflect variety and quality. Content will still be the big thing, with a reflection on variety and quality. Customers will have a lot of content to choose from since the focus of most companies and businesses is shifting to marketing content. As a way of optimizing content, there will also be a decrease in the value of the keyword coming to 2016.

The last trend we'll look at is the fact that Oculus Rift will create significant changes in customer engagement. It will do less for marketers in 2016. However, when it comes to customer interaction, Oculus Rift will influence the decisions that marketers make. It may later in the year be the platform that businesses and companies use for telling stories to consumers while giving them an all-rounded vantage point.