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ALLDOCK - One Universal USB Charger for all Devices

Do you have a count of gadgets at home? Well most of us have so many of them tablets, cellphones, smartwatches, eBook readers that charging all of them is the biggest challenge. Everywhere we see chargers entangled along with their cords, occupying almost every power point and wallmounts. When we are done with switchboards, we look for more outlets and extension cords. All this creates lots of confusion and gets tougher to manage chargers. So have you thought of getting a dock to solve your problems?

Well, if you haven’t, Kickstarter have, it has ALLDOCK which is answer to all your gadget charging problems. ALLDOCK is a universal charging dock that fills up your device’s battery with all the power it needs. All your smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, fitness trackers, eBook readers and any other mobile devices can be docked up to a single ALLDOCK and eliminates all the USB problems. Gadgets of brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC,LG, Motorola and Huawei can be charged up to 80% in less than an hour. The charging power in ALLDOCK is so distributed such that even if all the ports are utilized the charging capacity is not loosened up. ALLDOCK is thus a 2400 mAh power hub that is not biased towards any brand and a one stop charging solution to all your gadgets.

We completely fell in love with ALLDOCK’s design, made of bamboo and walnut, its simplicity, cleanliness, uniqueness and durability blew our minds. In order to use it, first plug-in the power cord to the wall socket, then lift up the docking rails, plug-in USB cables into power hub, connect your devices to the connector and get it kick started for charging.

ALLDOCK started as a Kickstarter project and is reaching the zenith of its popularity. This can be seen easily by the number of pledges it received, which is double the number of its original target. The company is working on making ALLDOCK better by adding Apple mount watch to it along with one handed charging mount.


Available in three different sizes, medium, large and large bamboo unit, ALLDOCK is a must have accessory for your charging solutions. Its point of difference being, even if all the docks are occupied, none of the connected devices loses charging capacity. I connected Samsung tablet, Kindle, Fitbit, One Plus and Samsung galaxy S6 Edge Plus, all the phones charged quickly than expected with no issues.

Will you like to charge your devices in one go with style ? If yes, support the KickStarter and help ALLDOCK become a reality !