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4 Best Cloud Data Storage Providers

Some of the features that make cloud data storage popular are security, file protection, accessibility, and user-friendly interface. The features make the cloud data storage efficient to use; they are not just for storing backup files, but the interface are also used to make work easier and more efficient. But with so many cloud data storage providers, what would you get? What provider would you subscribe to? Below is a list of eight popular service providers you can choose from.

Cloud Data Storage Providers: A Review

  1. Dropbox is a popular choice for many users. The free account comes with a 2GB storage capacity, more than enough if you will store word document and even PDFs. If you will refer a friend, take the Dropbox tour, and setting up your mailbox account will easily give you an additional storage space up to 16GB. But if you intend to store image files and videos, you will need a bigger storage and upgrade to Dropbox Pro, which can accommodate a one terabyte (1TB) capacity. Once you have created your Dropbox account, you can easily create folders that can be synced offline and online. The free account has some limitations, especially on the sharing option, but the pro account, you will be able to set the passwords, and expirations of the links you have shared. However, the monthly fees can reach £7.99 per month.

  2. There are some quite popular cloud data storage providers, and Google Drive is one of them. You will get a free 15GB storage after creating your Google account. In fact, registering for a Gmail and Google Calendar will give you access to Google Drive. Even registering in YouTube will also give you access. But aside from the large storage space, the cloud storage have different features that let you upload and share large file attachment. You can also use it to backup photos from your smartphone to your Google+ account. There is also syncing capabilities, which help automatically stores in your drive. You can set the sharing settings that will allow your colleagues access to your files. You can also easily collaborate with teammates and track changes. You can even edit the Google doc file offline and the changes will be updated in your drive once you go online.

  3. Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the top cloud data storage providers. It has a higher free storage capacity of 15GB as compared to Dropbox’s 2GB. You can even increase the storage capacity to an additional 15GB if you will link your camera roll to the OneDrive service. However, the 30GB storage capacity is for the old subscribers, while the new ones will only get and additional 5GB. And if you think that the free storage offer is already great, wait until you sign-up for Office 365 and enjoy a 1TB data storage space. More so, OneDrive lets you share files and set the sharing permission settings.

  4. Another cloud data provider that offers large free storage space of 50GB is Mega. The cloud storage platform was developed by a New Zealand-based firm is a highly secure network through the use of an encryption key that you alone has the primary access to. But just the other cloud storage solutions, you can share the folder or data in your drive. You can set the scope of access and the limitations of your collaborators.
These are some of the best possible options to choose from. Of course, you can choose a lot more reliable, business oriented providers. So, what cloud data storage providers do you think offer the best deal?