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Make Your Friends Jealous With Your Customized Xbox One

You’ve had your Xbox One long enough to know that it isn’t just a gaming console. Your entertainment system is a way of life—a convenient box that contains all of your hobbies, friends, personal style, accomplishments, and personality. And after 3 years of hardcore gaming, you’ve tweaked and customized everything about your gamertag and campaigns in order to create a totally unique playing experience. When you take your Xbox as seriously as you do, you want to be able to personalize everything, and for the most part you have; the only thing you haven’t managed to modify has been the console itself.

Yes, the white box, controller, and Kinect, which still looks the exact same as when you took it out of the box all those years ago. The very same set-up that all of the other 15 million Xbox One owners have. It doesn’t matter where you put it—set on top of your coffee table, left on the floor by your bed, or artfully arranged on your bookshelf—its pristine white surface is a slap in the face of all of your customizations.

At the same time, as far as personalizing your Xbox One, you’re a little hesitant. You may have heard about some gamers who have had their systems professionally painted, but that’s a permanent decision, and you better hope you made the right one. There’s no going back.
That doesn’t sound like a good idea, especially when you’re used to the quick and easy alterations you can make to your gamertag. If a change or addition to your profile doesn’t quite fit with your style, you can reverse them. It only makes sense that you expect the same flexibility with your external customization.

Luckily, painting isn’t your only route. There are now fully customizable vinyl Xbox One skins that you can apply to your console and controller. These skins come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and textures that you can play around with, combining to make your unique design.

Xbox One skins apply very much like a sticker. There are no clasps or pastes you have to apply. Just simply align the appropriate pieces to parts of your console and press. Once they’re on, they’re on. You don’t have to worry about ill-fitting pieces falling off or getting in the way of your gaming. The vinyl provides an excellent grip wherever it’s placed, and the pieces are cut with precision to match your controllers, Kinect, and the console itself. But if you ever tire of the design you’ve chosen, you can simply peel it off. An Xbox One skin doesn’t leave behind any gummy residue that can ruin the look of it or make applying another skin impossible.

These skins aren’t just for show, either. The strong vinyl stands up to scuffs, scratches, and other small damages that could otherwise harm your Xbox One. Its textured material makes it easier to grip your controller, even during a stressful campaign. Try it for yourself—get an Xbox One controller skin and see what it can do for your game play.

Most importantly, see what a cool, custom design can do for your Xbox. Spend some time choosing your Xbox skin, so you can complete your full customization. Choose a color or texture that matches your gamertag or your favorite character. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you like it.