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Transcend Robotics : Future of Robotics

Robotics mobility have always been a dare for mobile robots. The technology for a robot to sense the surroundings, to plan three dimensional movements in a dynamic environment and walk while adapting to uncertainties in the environment is still niche. Robots to move in an amorphous environment using motors and sensors is a challenge that has been beautifully accepted and implemented by Transcend Robotics.

What is Transcend Robotics?

Transcend Robotics is a company which focuses on innovation leading to mobile robotics with ARTI platform. Its technology enables robots to walk overcoming physical hurdles of human world. Based out of Washington DC Transcend robotics caters to a plethora of industries including, including 3-D scanning, telepresence, defense, hospitality, security, manufacturing, mining, education, and research.

Transcend Robotics has made a ground breaking innovation in robotic mobility and introduced ARTI3, a product line for Mobile Ground Robotics. Before we form our words about the “ARTI” , let us read what Transcend’s CEO, Phil Walker, has to say about this markedly innovative technology, "Until now, the ability to climb stairs and navigate human environments has been a major challenge for mobile robots. Traditional approaches of tackling this problem are too slow, require complex controls, and are too expensive for most applications. ARTI technology will transform the world of robotics mobility. The ARTI3 family of products brings that mobility to countless applications with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and versatility."

What are the new offerings?

  1. ARTI3 Mobility Platform aids integrators and developers to mobilize a broad range of applications in the real world. Transcend’s clients who take advantage of this domain refer to industries of 3D mapping, telepresence, construction management, mining, and manufacturing. This adaptable platform ensure as less as a 90 days assistance to integrators for speedily mobilize sensors, electronics, and software.
  2. ARTI3 Vantage is the fun and extremely helpful product of this product line. This enables mobile robots to be used by any person in his regular working environment. For a accommodating usage, ARTI3 Vantage’s features and tools include a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, 30-lb payload capacity, IP-54 for wet environments, zero-degree turn radius, and color LCD remote control. This robot along with prior mentioned equipment is ideal for humans and even to tackle dangerous environments, such as tactical operations and unsafe examinations.

ARTI technology is patented by Transcend Robotics and is the first robotics platform that provides mobility to robots up and down a staircase and obstacles. Further, ARTI technology, without the use of complex artificial intelligence and highly trained operators, climbs three steps in as less as eight seconds.