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Filmora : Easiest Video Editing Software for Beginners

Wondershare's Filmora is a basic video editing application that is very intuitive, has no frills and extremely easy to use. The application has been put together in way that allows a newbie to produce professional quality videos. So if one is new to video editing, his quest for a video editing tool might end at Wondershare Filmora.

Being compatible with all essential and popular video audio and image formats, we believe most of the media can be added to it. Video enhancement tools can be located alongside media window and can be used by mere dragging, dropping and arranging on a timeline. Filmora has a huge repository of video editing/enhancement tools, transitions and other objects. When done with editing, a great number of export options lets you export or customize for a specific device or even burn to a DVD.

Lets have a quick look to see what all features Filmora has in for us.

1) User Interface

Presented with the tool, you will automatically fall for the very simple and modern UI. It has neatly distinguished all the sections like media, music, text filters overlays, elements transitions, split-screen and export. So all your basic utilities will be at the fingertips.

The interface is divided into the following 4 major sections –

  • Interaction Window (Addition of effects and media)
  • Fine Tweak Bar
  • Timeline Frame (Useful to synchronize the audio & video playback)
  • Preview Pane (To preview videos after effects).

2) Effects

Filmora promises for producing an extraordinary video with minimal effort and we have witnessed the same after using this application. All we need was to let our imagination on loose and make good use of over a hundred visual effects. Also, the basic effects like frame by frame scrolling for both video and audio preview, speed control to add drama to the video, reverse playing to add the “laughter spree”, etc requires no more than a simple drag and drop.

3) Basic Editing

This section comprises of all the essentials for video, audio and image editing. The adjustment of hue, saturation, brightness, merge, crop rotate, shadows, contrast, highlights and much more could be done to and image or a video to give it a cleaner, clearer and professional outlook. Also, for audio editing, tune-ins like fade in, fade out, volume control, speed control, voice overs, etc. can be seamlessly handled by the software.

4) Advanced Effects

For this feature, a basic requirement is, free flow of imagination and an outlook to expand it further. As Filmora has over hundred unique visual effects which are difficult to be found in other video editing software we will have a chance to put our thoughts easily on the video. For instance, the Text/Title editing tool lets you created animated tiles. This is one example and we believe a one page blog won’t have enough words to house all the advanced effects of this tool.

In addition, Filmora has an advance feature of overlays which is called Green Screen effect. This effect makes a color range in the top layer of two overlay clips transparent, therefore the background video clip or image behind the top layer could show through.

Filmora also supports Picture in Picture (PIP) which can be used to overlay some smaller videos on a background clip. This is an extremely useful technique to help you create convincing content when you make online tutorials, product demonstrations or game videos etc.

5) Share

Filmora allows to easily and instantly share your work with friends and family. You get options to share on popular social media channels, burn your video to a DVD and even optimize video clips to transfer to Android or iOS platforms.


We found Filmora very useful to customize home made tech videos for our Youtube channel. As a quick tip, we got started with how-to videos to get a quick hands on which proved very useful.

So, try it out yourself and share your experiences and quick tips with us on comments down below.