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Top Live Comedy Apps for Android

Technology has given a new platform to comedy as well as comedians. Now the reach of these funny bones are not limited to live audience or a television screen. People do not have to be glued to their television set for 8 o’clock shows to tickle their funny muscles. Mobile applications have given the new age comedians a different platform to reach the audience. Moreover, the viewers can now enjoy funniest satires on Twitter, interviews with comedy masters and new comers or even classic publications via medium of an “app”.

There are many such apps available, let’s have a look at five apps which hosts funny content and are most admired by users.

1) Fame

#fame is India's No.1 live video entertainment app. It is a talent led entertainment network where people can showcase their skills and Fame will help them flaunt it. Available on iOS and Google Play, this app is very famous among youngsters, and offers diverse portfolio for live shows, including live comedy shows and video on demand. Fame houses original content hosted by country's young digital stars. Also, fame helps new talent in getting a platform to showcase  their talent and helps them reaching a larger audience. With Broadcast Message feature users can live chat with celebrities and other people who might be willing to take up the question. You can watch live streaming comedy with this live comedy app and their official website: fame.live. Fame.live also hosts live and on-demand content, from Fame originals to movie reviews to live shows to innovative videos of young talent, the website if plethora of great content.

2) Netflix

There is no denying to the fact that Netflix is amongst the best of streaming services. It provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, comedy specials, originals and movies. The content hosted on Netflix is selected very carefully with respect to quality consistency and performance. Even, subscribers are given choice to make at most five different profiles so that they and their family members can enjoy shows of their choice at their own time expense and also get recommendations according to individual’s taste.

3) Hulu

Hulu Plus is best for people who don’t have to spend money on getting a cable subscription or an HD antenna but still wish to be updated with latest shows and seasons. With Hulu one can enjoy all major network shows apart from CBS. Also, if you are a fan of BBC Hulu is the best place to be. Apart from all this there is a collection of offbeat movies, classic anime series and a number of original shows. Well, the icing on the cake is with paid subscription you don’t have to sit through commercials.

4) Meerkat

It is one live streaming video app that has caught attention of social media users around the globe. Key features of this platform includes live streaming via twitter apps and support on iOS platform. Since, it has live streaming with twitter we can browse live streams in app, retweet livestreams, real time comment, along with real time engagement functionality and location functionality.

5) Funny or Die

As the name says, this platform started for sharing funny videos online, but in a matter of time it expanded in such a way that became one of premier comedy app and strong presence over the web. It hosts ongoing series, cast celebrity guests like Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Nye and Samuel L. Jackson. . This one will surely get you on a laughter spree.

Getting hitched on a live streaming app is just a first step , the real challenge comes when one have to decide what-to-watch. We have presented you with Netflix, Hulu, Meerkat, Fame, funny or die and each one has its own originals and features. Let us know what you think suits you best in the comment section below.