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5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Own Blog

Welcome to the world of blogging where hundreds of blogs and ecommerce websites come up on daily basis, across the world. Only few makes a name for itself, quite like what I am inspired and motivated by website builder namely Wix. Blogging is a greater way to be self employed and independent, where by sharing your thoughts, you can connect with like-minded people in just few clicks.

Unfortunately, the blogs are losing their existence at a far greater rate. Yes, and I am certainly not exaggerating. It is true. Be it students creating a blog to update about their academic knowledge, or stay-at-home moms to work as a part time blogger or novice bloggers eyeing to become professionals with their blogging capabilities. Google your search for any niche and you will literally find hundreds of blogs giving information, insight about it. From enhancing your business, to brand authority, networking, blogging etc, blogs abound everywhere. Hence, due to the intense competition if you want to know how to start a blog or ecommerce website, then I must say, that blogging is not a bed of roses, unlike the perception. That’s why, I am coming up with the following 5 things you should know before starting your own blog.

Ascertain your knowledge of grammar

English being a universally accepted language thus generate an obvious popularity extending to masses in just a click. Grammar is important as it lets you to style your content in a systematic manner. You content should have a natural flow. Thereby, it maintains the interests of readers. Through years of my experience as well as what I have noted is that a blog with quality content naturally attracts readers who indeed has an obvious reason to stick with your blog. The precision of your blog matters the most and primarily it comes with how you start the content, makes use of punctuation marks at its right place and also write grammatically correct sentences.

Post on regular basis

The biggest irony of us as bloggers is that at the time of addressing the query of how to start the blog or ecommerce website, we are very excited initially and post on regular basis. However, sooner, our excitement, dedication and hard work seems to lose its pace over a period of weeks and months and we end up forsaking the blog altogether. We should remember a saying, that “hard work pays” and for that we have strive to work on our things by sticking with the basic blogging etiquettes right from the start.


Who can deny the power of social media? You know people these days login to their social media accounts first, than to their professional emails. Through hash tags you can effectively reach to masses and if you add the teaser, then it will further boost your content by giving them a glimpse as to what your post is all about.

Domain registration and Hosting

Yes, a domain becomes your most obvious identity. So carefully choose one along with properly selecting a web hosting package. The reason why an ideal hosting package is recommended is because as your site registers increasing traffic, it can accordingly work with the storage factor. In short, the feeling of fully controlling your blog will give you inner peace and satisfaction as well. If you are looking for a secure hosting, then Wix website builder has been easing the lives of people which provides awesome hosting at competitive price along with round the clock support. So you are never far away from Wix, just whenever and wherever you need.

Search Engine Optimization is equally important

Lastly, besides the content, your promoting tactic equally matters as well. It won’t be a great idea to only provide great content while the promotion part is left untouched. People will come more often if you are also promoting yourself so that it preferably shows on the first page of the Google.
If things inspire us at one go, we don’t find the reason to go anywhere else. Quite like Wix, which has been such an inspiration to me. Based on your requirement too, whether you are starting a blog or creating an ecommerce website, if you are eyeing towards a website on a specific niche you can find relevant ideas through their templates. I am not saying, but there are the testimonies of people who have found stunning websites according to their needs like me, in just few clicks. Wix is not only a website builder, but it equally offers collection of captivating images with mobile optimized features along with eye catching domains to give you much needed edge over others.

Final thoughts

Aforesaid tips will help you towards starting your blog. I “sign off” by congratulating you for not only starting a blog or an ecommerce website, but equally my “Best wishes” for your future endeavors as well.