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10 Tech Tools To Engage Students

Different apps, gadgets and devices can help students to learn in another way. Moreover, they can make the students’ lives more fun and interesting. In addition, these tech tools can help the student to develop the students’ tech skills and therefore find a good job in future, for example, in a
customwriting company or another multinational business.

In this article we will talk about 10 tech tools that can engage students. Let’s start!

1. Twitter

Many teachers use Twitter to make parents know about what is going on in the classroom. However, this network can help not only parents and teachers but also students. Youngsters can improve their creative writing skills and share their experiences, impressions and thoughts with others. However, it is recommended to check the information written by children to make sure that his/her page will not influence a reputation.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a social network kind of similar to Twitter. However, it includes a useful feature “Timeline” that can help teachers to have a visual timeline of the work done throughout the year. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to the teachers and parents to comment the work of the students. Therefore, Facebook involves more commitment from people, who surround students. In addition, some teachers ask their students to make posts and write comments as characters from the books or plays. For example, read The Facebook in Education to see success stories and take some tips into consideration.

3. Pinterest

An online bulletin board Pinterest is used worldwide to share the work of classrooms. You can create boards for numerous subjects, classes, units – whatever you may want!

4. Skype

Skype is mainly used for bringing students up close. It makes communication easier, you can not only talk and chat with friends, but also you can see them. Is not it the thing our parents could only dream of when they were young? In addition, students can be present on the lectures if they are ill watching the lessons via Skype. Check out the Skype for Education page to see the lesson plans and a huge variety of ideas.

5. Edublogs

This tech tool cares not only about the collaboration and communication of children but also about their privacy and security.

6. Prezi

Creating and giving presentations qualitatively are the keys to be successful at college and in a future career. Microsoft PowerPoint is probable the most popular tool among students. However, try Prezi and you may like it more.

7. Storages

Storages such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft SkyDrive offer students to store their information in clouds and access it from everywhere. Therefore, teachers can add, for example, their recorder lectures and students can watch them outside of the classrooms finding them in the storages mentioned above.

8. Smartphones

Nowadays students become more and more addicted to their mobile phones. However, despite the fact that bringing these gadgets to schools have many disadvantages, many teachers let their students to use mobile phones on the lessons and lectures.

9. Tablets

A lot of schools are equipped with tablets because they are not expensive, bring a lot of fun and make students of all ages more engaged in studying.

10. Kubbu

This website is a great way to engage students. Teachers can create various quizzes and games and share with their students. The results can be viewed and analyzed afterwards.

Educational apps, websites and other tech tool bring a lot of advantages to the students. However, at the same time some apps on the tablets and smartphones can be cruel and make a youngster more aggressive. Therefore, teachers and parents have to carefully choose and recommend children tech tools that are good to use. Good luck!

Author Bio : Robert Everet is a freelance writer currently based in Chicago, who solves student career and university problems. He has interest in marketing and business.