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The Craze of Selfie Phones

In 2013, the world was introduced to a word that managed to portray the essence of present generation, inducing their world and their world view in just two syllables: Selfie.

We’ve heard somewhere “A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment!” Well! The present generation surely lives up to this motto. So, when it comes to selfies people literally go great lengths, with the help of selfie stick, to click that exciting group photograph or cover that breathtaking background. Be it a trip to Goa or Vegas, be it lunch with friends or a date, be it picture with a celebrity or best friend; all in all, be it anywhere any time, alone or with friends selfies are popularly clicked and shared pictures on social media by people or celebrities.
If we look back a few years we will realize that documenting one’s life with the help of colors and images is not a new phenomenon altogether. People have always enjoyed reflecting on their past, looking at pictures with friends they were with, places they have been to or food they have enjoyed. If we see the earliest of cave drawings we can see all of such pictures engraved on the walls of caves. Documenting all of this, is thus, not a new age phenomenon, it is just the technology that has changed, people have not.

People get an external reflection of themselves in forms of selfies and mobile companies are aiding them by launching high resolution selfie phones every day.

Every big or small mobile company has geared up for front camera race. Microsoft’s Lumia 730 is a “selfie phone” and the opportunity is grabbed by HTC, Coolpad and many others to over-spec their front camera. To be best from the rest, LG says its G3 doesn’t have a front camera, rather it has a “selfie cam”. Also, budget phones of Coolpad, Coolpad Note 3 Plus, Coolpad Note 3, Coolpad Note 3 Lite and CoolPad Max have done great job in front facing camera and underline software for face beauty, does wonders with picture quality. #coolpadmegaselfie

Device manufacturers have taken this growing habit of mobile users as an opportunity and aims to provide users a steady and technically improved selfie phone each month. Software are updated every day with better technologies like laser focus cameras or picture editing software that enhance facial features, makeup, etc.

If you look at the stats revealed by mobile companies, phones with a healthier front camera have better sales when compared to other phones of same brand. We did a survey with youngsters, giving them two different attractively designed android phones, the only thing they appreciated is upgraded front-facing camera of one.

One can easily say that primary camera is still needed with great technologies on the rear, but it is for the front camera by which sales are driven. After all, choosing the right component inside the front of the phone can make all the difference for the person outside it. Right ?