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5 Most Popular Programming Languages For App Development

With the tremendous proliferation of smartphones in the last a few years, it has been analyzed that the number of smartphone sale will keep on touching new heights in the time to come. Such tremendous growth has paved the path for mobile app development for smartphones that are now playing a crucial role in each facet of life.

Developers create apps using programming languages and they are several in number. These languages are widely-accepted for being highly flexible, feature-rich, easy to write, etc. Apps built on these languages carry the power to change the way businesses function.
A few top programming languages have been briefly described below:


One of the most widely used languages, Java has been embraced by approx 9 million developers around the world. It is used by Google’s Android operating system as the ground for all Android apps. Android Java differs from the regular Java, but accumulating knowledge of Java can clear your path to get huge opportunities in Android app development. For more information on how to best optimize, read more info here.


Having simplified codes, Swift is designed to offer perfect conditions for iOS and OS X app development. However, it is currently compatible with iOS and OS X. Its ‘Sugar’ syntax enables developers have codes that are simple to read as well as minimize errors.


Inserting various data types becomes easy with the use of HTML5. It is perfectly suitable for mobile platforms as it carries the features valued best for mobile app development. Being cost-effective and relatively new than other languages turn HTML5 a widely accepted programming language.

Objective C

Adopted as the main programming language by Apple, Objective C has upper hand over C++ but comes with additional functions for display, graphics and I/O. Moreover, apps based on this language ensure uniform performance no matter on what screen size users are accessing the app.


An object-based scripting language, JavaScript lets you control the browser even more efficiently. It allows you handle date and time very well and help you detect the user’s browser and OS. This light-weight scripting language is interpreter based and widely embraced for being untyped, dynamic and full-fledged.

Top programming languages for smartphone app development

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Narendra Singh is the CEO of TheNineHertz.com, an iPhone app development company in India. He is a veteran of Web and Mobile app industry, since 2008. He has devoted his years of extensive experience and Knowledge for the online growth of businesses. You can get in touch with him on LinkedIn.