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Cell Phone Etiquette

The need for a refresher course in cell phone etiquette is not limited to Gen X or Gen Y. As you look around, it becomes apparent that Baby Boomers need a refresher course as well. Follow these common courtesy guidelines when using your cell phone.

If you have a new phone, chances are you’re pretty excited about it. If you took advantage of Groupon coupons and snared a cool pair of Oakleys, you certainly wouldn’t leave them on during a meeting.

In a business setting cell phone usage is a no-go. When entering a meeting, put your cell phone on silent and leave it in your pocket. Do not put it on the conference table either face up or face down. Instead, turn to the person sitting next to you and actually engage until the meeting starts. When the meeting is adjourned, again, turn to those adjacent to you and engage. Do not retrieve your cell phone until after you have left the meeting room. If this isn’t the decorum or policy at your company – follow these courtesy guidelines nevertheless. You’ll increase your networking, learn more about the current initiative and establish greater connections with your co-workers. You’ll also be setting an excellent example.

In a social setting, be present. Enjoy those that are there with you. Everything else can wait. Try an experiment. Leave your phone in your purse or pocket. Do not put it on the table. Your friends will notice. There is nothing on your phone, social media or otherwise, that is more important that being with those that are in front of you. You’ll send this message loud and clear when you let go of your phone. Smart and engaging people talk about issues and events. Not so smart people are glued to social media and text about other people. Who do you want to be?

Take your cell phone use seriously. You are sending a very loud message to those around you when you’re on your phone or place it in a position of priority. Make a statement and be present.