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When Your iPhone Needs a Doctor

Technology in these modern days is way better than ever before and we are more dependent on our personal electronic devices and when they are not working as per our expectations we are left worry some. It would not be an oxymoron to say our phones our other halves. Though technology in our hands is state of the art but not always they work in familiar fashion, they do malfunction often times and we are helpless at that moment. Talking about issues with iPhone, it is related to many scenarios. For one or another reason your phone might not be working and it’s extremely troubled feeling, don’t agonize.

Moving to options at your disposal

Before moving to the ultimate opinion one must try few option at hands. There are certain things that may leave your phone frozen such as:
  1. You may have interrupted any software update
  2. Abruptly powering down the device while updating due to any cause (usually low battery)
  3. You tried to hard reset but failed in process and leading to frozen device
  4. Improper removal of iPhone while it is connected to iTunes on your PC
  5. Any malware in your base system propagated to your device and corrupted the root directory
  6. Or just bad of luck, you ended up with bricked handset
Enlisted below are multiple remedies to try out:
  1. Charge it
  2. Restart it
  3. Hard reset it
  4. Reset via iTunes & try with different computers as well
  5. Take it to the nearest Apple Service Center
Perplexity!! Yes, it is the first response of anybody dealing with undesired outcomes, take some deep breaths and start by trying to charge your phone, keep it on charging for about 15 minutes and see what happen. Many of us take a problem or other extents whereas problem there is pretty basic but if does not work try other option. Try to reset your phone by turning it off and booting up again, well n good if it worked if not move on and try other solution.

Hard reset is the next option you might try, press “ON” button on the right top side of your phone along with home button and let it work if it shows up something it’s fine if still nothing move to next enlisted alternate. Next way will be the last solution on your behalf and it is to plug your iPhone into your computer system and connect to iTunes. Using this option your onboard data will be lost but there is a probability of success. If you have a habit of backing up the data iTunes will restore the last backup file giving you a chance to start from where you left but if you are easy going with your virtual personal belonging then it’s time for you to start from scratch. If you are struck by misfortune this time too then the recourse will be to contact the service center, go to the nearest Apple Customer Care Center and explain your problem to them they will take professional care of your beloved iPhone and within a couple of days, you will have a working phone in your hands.


It’s better to avoid problems at first place rather than figuring out what went wrong, keep in mind these tips to avoid such confrontations:
  1. Do not interrupt any type of software updates, leave the device be and let it finish.
  2. Before updating make sure that device is properly charging i.e. above 80% to avoid drained battery.
  3. Don’t go wild, remove your device in a proper manner from your PC, eject from iTunes then remove the plug.
  4. Do not try to jailbreak the standard OS though it voids the warranty but it may also cost you all of your data and settings.
  5. Develop a habit of taking backup at least once a month in case of blacked-out phone you will need a restore point.