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Engaging Donors and Raising Funds for Your Nonprofit Organization

Unlike financing businesses or commercial organizations, getting funds for your nonprofit organization is a lot more difficult, since most if not all of the income comes from donors. It's important that you have a good amount of donors to ensure positive cash flow, but how do you get more of these people in the first place?

The secret to engaging more donors is to make your cause more appealing to them. While the plan sounds straightforward, actually pulling it off requires taking the right approach. Here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Take Advantage of Call Center Services

Part of making a case for your nonprofit organization is reaching out to as many people as possible. However, that alone can be a challenging task, especially if you’re also in charge of the daily management of your group. It's a good thing that many outsourced call center service providers offer reasonably-priced service packages for nonprofit organizations, so you get all that advantage without breaking the bank.

A good nonprofit call center service provider is well equipped to enable your organization to make large volumes of outbound calls. Call center agents are also specially trained to encourage current donors to keep contributing, while also having the resources to generate leads and find referrals that may be converted to more donors later on.

Know Your Target Groups and Individuals

If you hired a call center service provider, this one will be a lot easier. Using data that they gather from surveys and outbound calls, experienced agents will have no trouble finding the right groups of people that are more likely to support your organization. Otherwise, you'll have to rely on doing your own research from the ground up, and that could take up much of your time that would be better spent elsewhere.

Start with the people who have already made donations to your group before because statistically, they are more likely to donate again. After them, the next ones you should consider should be those who have already donated to similar organizations. Broaden your target list to friends, workmates, and acquaintances, and have your hired team of call center agents work on referrals from their own leads.

Make a Clear Case

Finding possible donors is good, but you also have to convince these people that your organization is worth helping. Be clear about what your organization is about, what it seeks to accomplish, and what they can expect from it. You should also remember your group's history, how it was formed, and what its mission and vision are. Donors would rather give donations to people who actually know what they're doing.

You also have to keep in mind that there can be other similar organizations vying for the same donors. You should be able to discern this right from the start so that you can find out what makes you different from the rest of these groups. A good way to do this is to showcase some of your group’s major achievements in the past. People are more likely to give money to successful groups than to those that have yet to prove that they can mount successful campaigns.

Getting donors to support your group is all about convincing them why they should make a donation. By starting your search with the right people and knowing how to capitalize on the information you have, raising funds for your nonprofit organization will be a lot more effortless.