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For Wife, With Love #WomensDay

As we grow bigger and older towards the future, we reflect on the past and introspect within ourselves. The question that raises in our minds is who we are and how we reached where we are today.

This women’s day, I am dedicating this blog to the most important woman in my life, my wife. A woman of abundant strength and inner beauty, who has brought warmth in my life and helped me have faith in myself. My wife a woman of great faith, beauty, fun, and endurance. A woman who has consistently stood strong by me in times of trouble and happiness.

She mesmerizes me every time when she patiently hears me out for everything I have to share. My dreams, my weaknesses, failures, and success, everything just makes perfect sense with her by my side, just showcased in the video below.

Adi & Tara do little things for each other which make their life a beautiful one.

Her smile makes my day and the child in her makes me realize what love is and brings out the best in me every day. The great strength she shows in times of difficulty is commendable. It’s one of the reasons I would like to plan for any eventuality with the Online Term Plus plan.

She has taught me how to manage people, how to talk my way out without losing my calm. She to me is the greatest example of time management. Her palpable sense of managing time around office and home and putting up sumptuous meals for us is incomprehensible.

I never understand how she can be so organized, be her kitchen or her desktop, I can always see things marked and in proper folders. She never gets tired of keeping things beautiful and organized.

She has taught me there is no point where we should stop, we always have to dream bigger and new to get going with our ambitions. This woman, my wife, can win the whole world with her beautiful smile; one thing I cannot imagine is, life without her.

Wherever I can help, I never fall back lending a helping hand to her, doing the laundry, watering plants, cooking, giving her tennis lessons, teach her driving and other household chores. I make sure there is no difference of gender when people talk about us, what I can do, she can do, when I drive she reads out the map, and when I do the dishes she gets us grocery. I am not “feminist” and I am not sure if empower is the word but I surely know it is the love for her that makes me do every possible little thing to ease her life.

When I think of future and family and balance that I can create, I can only add an insurance plan. I googled it out, discussed with friends, did my research and landed on Max Life insurance. One of the products I thought we should explore is Cancer insurance. I know we don’t normally like to think of these things, but even when we are young, it’s important to plan for all contingencies.

This is my gift to her and our beautiful life.