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How to Position Website Content for Maximum Effect [Info-Graphic]

When it comes to website content, there are so many factors to consider. Add videos, or use images or both? Sliders or pop-ups? There are so many features and so many formats to choose from! If you are looking to build an effective website that drives increased volumes of business leads, then it can be difficult to work out what the best approach is.

Fortunately for anyone in this situation, this useful infographic (taken from UKwebhostreview) will take care of all of that for you. These 25 features every online business must have in 2017 is the ultimate guide on where to position your content to get the most out of your website.

As well as displaying where to position your key features such as logo, tagline and call to action buttons, it lists every type of content that you need on your website to make it most effective. There may be some features or concepts that you may not have even considered – do you adopt the F pattern for your inner pages content? Have you included a privacy policy if you are collecting personal information? Have you used customer testimonials to help build trust with potential customers? All of these features are proven to be essential features of successful website design.

There is no point developing fantastic content if your website visitors can’t find it, so getting the positioning right is crucial. Use this template as a guideline and you will soon start to see your visitors converting into customers. When these formatting guidelines are followed and are used in conjunction with an effective marketing plan that drives traffic to your website, you are pretty much guaranteed online business success. If you don’t believe that it can be that simple, try it and see!