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ICICI Lombard Stepping Up Customer Experience using Technology

We all are aware of the name ICIC Lombard, it provides insurance solutions, protection solutions for business, personal and project liabilities across rural and urban areas in India. But do you know, how ICIC Lombard is adapting technology for a better customer engagement? This article will revolve around the steps taken by ICICI Lombard to adopt technology in its solutions to offer a holistic customer experience.

Website and Mobile App

ICIC Lombard has gone through a revamp and created a mobile-first website. You can purchase, renew, intimate claims and enjoy numerous other benefits. Further, in addition to previously mentioned facilities, the app allows customers to trace nearest hospital or garage, and receive status notifications for enrolled policies and claims.

Moreover, the app lets you self-inspect your vehicle with expired motor policy. You can upload the video of the vehicle to ICIC Lombard app following the video guidelines and once the video is approved by ICICI Lombard personnel you can pay and renew the policy.

The Photo Quote feature allows you to share a picture of existing motor policy and get a renewal quote from Lombard with all vehicle details. If you are happy with the quote you can buy the policy online.

Customer Services

We found ICICI Lombard customer services really cool and extensive. In addition to 24X7 customer support, there are a plethora of services that ICICI Lombard is offering. Some of which includes:
  1. Customized vehicle alerts
  2. Geo-fencing
  3. Real-time updates on vehicle location
  4. Usage reports
  5. 24X7 connectivity with the vehicle
  6. Getting alerts for over-speeding, geofence violation, towing and vehicle health
  7. Digital locker for storing vehicle documents
  8. Expiry alerts
  9. Fuel economy tracking


As we have been mentioning, ICICI Lombard is at the forefront of adopting the technology, 3 ChatBot projects have already been deployed and one is still under construction!

Chat Bot 1: For purchase or renewal of two wheeler policy, there is an automated end to end process. Since human intervention is condensed drastically, the transaction time required to resolve customer queries is reduced radically.

Chat Bot 2: Chat bots are deployed for email queries on the quotation of fire insurance purchase. A faster quote generation is aided by direct communication from agent to the bot for consult quotation on propositions based on fire risk. This minimal human intervention enhances the process of policy issuance.

Chat Bot 3: Many organizations use Yammer, an internal social network for employees. This employee connect tool is linked with ICICI Lombard, where employees can resolve HR policies with chatbots and perform transactions easily.

Chat Bot 4: This chatbot project is under development which aims at providing similar benefits to two-wheeler project except that this platform will be used by Facebook.

Further to implementations in customer domain, ICICI Lombard has expanded technologically in B2C markets as well by launching features like iPartner. This allows channel partners and agents to obtain offline quotes, send payment premium link to customers enabling an agent to view his renewal, MIS calendar and much more. Also, there are features like risk assessment app, underwriting and claims and motor damage surveys.

This huge leap has been taken by ICIC Lombard in lieu of huge shift pertaining to the customer being more digitally acquainted. The differentiated customer experience and being amongst first of its kind in market to adapt technology so beautifully will surely make ICICI Lombard reach new heights.