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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery : Best Way to Recover your Lost Data!

Have you ever had accidentally deleted your PC’s data? The sting of losing important data is very painful and hence to keep it safe there has to be policing and you need to be well equipped with measures to safeguard and reincarnate your data. You might have come across many data recovery tools and platforms and it should have been annoying to find the best of the lot.

Last week, Techquark got hands on experience on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery and we will be jotting down our insights of the software.

Let us have a look at the tool and its features.

Recover Lost Data

Well, recovering lost or deleted data is the key feature of any data recovery tool, but how it performs its basic task is the most challenging question. We worked with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software and it delivered us some splendid results. After hitting the search button to locate your deleted files, you can see the how fast the scanning goes. For our 100GB drive, it took nearly 5 minutes to scrutinize the whole drive and get our data back. This quick process is possible because of powerful scanning algorithms that Stellar’s technical team has put in to browse the data.

Once the scan is completed, you have all your deleted files on the screen from which you can select the files you want to recover.

The latest version is more efficient with faster scan engine, automatic switching from deep to quick scan, improved preview support, automatic raw files recovery, and detailed scanning status and much more.

Recover Outlook Emails

Outlook files are stored on our systems, and while freeing up space we might delete important emails and lament on it later. To avoid this expression of grief Stellar has an amazing option to recover Email. There are a number of options available in tool for email clients, you have to select yours and go on a stroll with the tool to collect your deleted bits.

We worked with recovering Microsoft outlook, our primary email tool, Outlook’s raw file is.pst, all you do is to find out your email client’s full file and feed it into the software. Stellar will then scan the entire file and get you your deleted email

Recover Photos

Stellar comes with a feature of recovering photos as well! We have multiple times “Shift-delete” our best photos in lieu of the worst ones! This tool is a great help to contain your lovely memories. All you have to do is, select the drive which had your picture and runs a scan on it. The algorithm runs on all the images and will get you the ones you might have deleted. Simple!

Support or File Types

It is not only Emails, photos, videos or other common files that Stellar can get back from your deleted items, it is a huge number of other file types that you can get back. It is all upon self-discretion of the file type to add on the tool. Also, you have an option to add custom file types and get them added to the software.

Advanced options

Other than recovery options, the other features of the tool that comes in handy includes. Creating image file, cloning drive, Image recovery, DVD recovery and Current Drive Status.

Concluding, Stellar Phoenix has a brand new interface and it is now available as a FREE edition. Through the free version, anyone can recover up to 1 GB of data at no cost. Stellar Phoenix is worth a try, all in all, you can’t lose but certainly gain.