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Is Flying Privately the Future of Air Travel?

You may think that A-listers and the incredibly wealthy are the only people who can afford to fly by private jet, but you’d be surprised to learn that these people only make up a minority of private jet flyers. You’re more likely to see successful business owners, families or groups of friends splashing out on a private jet, enjoying a more convenient and luxury travel experience than flying with a commercial airline.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how flying privately is becoming an increasingly popular option for travellers, as well as the benefits of hiring a private jet.

Chartering a Private Jet: Affordable Luxury

So why do people decide to fly privately? It may seem like an extravagance not many can afford, but many families or groups opt for travelling in this way for the better travel experience.

Comfortable leather seats, plenty of legroom, fine dining and a premium service – all of this sounds as though it would break the bank for ordinary folk like you and I, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to travel, which is driving down the prices to become more affordable.

If you’re flexible with your dates of travel, you can snag a great last-minute deal by contacting a private aviation company directly and asking for any deals that aren’t advertised. Aviation companies like Victor offer empty leg charter flights that are a more affordable option for travellers. These have been booked for a one-way flight and are empty for the return journey as a result, meaning you could save up to 75% on the cost of hiring your private jet.

What’s the Most Popular Route?

Some of the most popular routes for those who decide to fly privately feature Nice, Paris and Miami. There was a total of 2,175 flights between NY and Washington and 2,202 flights between LA and Las Vegas in 2016.

For those flying from UK soil, the private flights between London and Paris have shown a 13% growth in the past five years (from 2012 to 2016). This shows that chartering a private jet has become more popular since 2012 and the industry is likely to continue growing.

The Future of Private Jet Travel

The transport industry has seen huge innovations in the past few years, with companies like Uber making it easier than ever for customers to get from A to B. So could we see this innovation taking off into the skies? Efficiency and speed are what customers are striving for and private jet charters offer just that.

As the demand for private air travel increases, the battle to be the Uber of the skies may mean that you can enjoy all the efficiency and luxury of a private jet, without paying the premium prices. Which all means that flying on a private jet may not be such an absurd dream after all!