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Tools and Gadgets to Get Your Term Paper Done

A term paper is a type of research essay that students have to write at the end of a term. It accounts for a great part of your final grade at the end of the semester. In a term paper, students have to argue a point, describe an event or a concept over several pages. The term paper has to be an original work on a given topic, and its purpose is to evaluate the student's knowledge and ability to do research and to use the information he/she finds. Such a paper requires technical writing expertise and a lot of research.

But the end of the semester also means several other tasks and essays that you have to do and exams that you have to learn for. So whenever you feel that there's too much on your plate, you can ask for term paper help from WriteMyPaper. Today, the Internet offers you the help you need to finish your assignments on time and to be able to handle in a high-quality paper written by a degree-holding writer. But if you do not want to buy term paper you can manage to write it by yourself even if time seems your enemy.

There are several tools and gadgets that you can use that will help you better optimize your time and energy, keep your focus and finish your paper on time.

1. Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

For your custom term paper, you need an Evernote Moleskine Smart notebook, especially if you love to handwrite your term paper. This smart notebook combines the appeal of handwriting your essay while you watch how they travel off the page to the screen of the Moleskine Paper Tablet.

The tool lets you auto-tag the content, and it saves everything you write on the cloud as Evernote notes. To transform your handwritten notes into Evernote notes you simply have to download the Evernote Android or iOS app. Once you install it, the images will automatically update themselves, becoming notes in Evernote.

2. Kindle Voyage

For a term paper, you have to read lots of books, magazines and articles, and a lot of research. But why carry all those heavy books everywhere with you when you can have a Kindle Voyage? The e-reader tool offers an amazing reading experience thanks to the X-ray feature, giving the gadget the ability to track the characters immediately as they appear through the novel and then giving them explanations.

3. MindMeister

The Mindmeister tool allows you to create, edit and share your ideas and mind maps on the go. Then you can synchronize them with the online MindMeister service. The tool will help you prioritize and organize your mind, will you generate new thoughts.

4. EasyBib

This app lets you create a bibliography when you are writing your term paper. What's awesome about this app is that is can create a citation automatically is it recognizes the website, book, journal article, etc. that you are citing. You can also use EasyBib to take notes, organize them and even link them to citations. This app is an amazing term paper help.

5. Astrid

Astrid is an award-winning list-making tool that helps you organize the tasks that you have from anywhere you might be and sync them across all your devices. You can even get reminders so that you won't forget anything on your schedule.

6. White Noise

If you are one of those who cannot stay five minutes without checking their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you definitely need the White Noise app. It will help you block all distractions and be able to focus on your term paper. You can also choose Brown Noise, Gray Noise and much more.

7. Grammarly

There is no room for mistakes in a term paper. Grammarly corrects any mistake you might miss when you type a paper. It also provides relevant explanations for each of the mistakes you make and serves as a plagiarism checker being able to detect any duplicate content in your term paper. Grammarly checks the word count of your paper and offers precise details about it.

8. Writer

Writer is a free app where you can save your notes as you write them. This way you will never lose your work when you accidentally close your window or when you open a new document. You can run it on Firefox and Chrome, and it will save everything you type by inserting a cookie. You can access it anytime you want, save it on a hard drive or USB or send it to your blog.

9. Self-Control

Self-Control lets you blacklist certain websites that you want to avoid while you are writing your term paper. You can also whitelist those that you need for your research. The app also has a counter, and it will let you know how much time you have before you can check your e-mail or Facebook again.

As you can see, you have so many options if you want to get your term paper done in due time and written all by yourself. Why not take advantage of the help technology offers?