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5 Ways to Give Your Blog Content More Visibility

Are you fond of writing? Is blogging your passion? Do you want to increase the views and shares of your blogs? We have created a guide to make your blog content more visible. Lets start!

Social Media Sharing should be just a click away

Social media is a powerful and well-known tool to spread the awareness on the blogs, post, content or information. Hence, on every blog or post, make sure that you have native social media sharing button available, with the help of which, with just a click your post can be shared on the social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. This simplifies the sharing process and at the same time, it spread its wings to the mass.

Smartphone friendly content

There are billions and millions of smartphone users across the globe. The people have started to use the internet browsers from the mobiles itself. If the content of your blog is mobile friendly, then the views of the same can be increased to the greater extent. At the same time, the content should not be too long and can be easily communicable according to the mobile phone screens. The piece of information that is easily gulped able is preferred by the smartphone users.

Identify the trending topics

Connect with your audience. Find out the topic which is most read and is the demand of the audience. Give your honest insights of the topic. Bring value and new lenses to the subject that appeals your readers. Make your blog unique with its own flavor. Use visuals, graphs, charts, info graphs, images, to provide the easy to use and easy to understand information to the audience. At Contentmart, they ensure that content is served to the audience according to their demands and requirements. This makes them popular in the market.

Optimize your post

Make your blog technically sound to attract the audience. Also, pay attention to the keywords, statistics, content etc. At the same time, write your blog in a manner that puts its stand from a copywriting and strategically point of view. Ensure to put your Meta description in a catchy manner that brings accurate results in the search engines. Mention keyword in the Meta description of the blog. Put a button which enables to share your blog instantly to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. The image, which you use, should be properly formatted.

Be a consistent blogger

Maintaining the consistency in the writing bring the loyal viewers to your blogs. If you keep on publishing the helpful contents for the audience, they will continue to read your blogs. It will give your audience the platform where they can come and share the problems as well. The personalized rapport with the viewers can help in bringing more likes, views, and shares, as somewhere you will be using word of mouth publicity as the promotion to your blogs.