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5 Ways To Generate Passive Income Without Disturbing Your Current Job!

An incredible way to make your life easier is finding ways to make some extra bucks without fiddling your current work. When you don't have to invest in it, it makes your life even easier. While the whole idea seems persuasive, I just want to put in before you read the whole article that you need to own a couple of items in order to generate income from the following ways.

1. Click photos and sell them!

Many of us have a natural knack for photography, and if you are also a shutterbug, there are high chances that you can make some money selling your photos online.

From writers to poets, and content marketers to infographic-designers, everyone requires photos to use in their piece to-be-published. Which is why companies like Shutterstock and iStock photos has a huge stock of pictures available with them. The good part is that both the companies allow photographers to upload their photos and split the profits.So, if you click quality photos, you just need to upload them on these platforms and make some cash off of them.

2. Still, have college notes? Sell them!

Doesn't matter if you are still in the college or a passed-out. If you have your notes in good conditions, you can make cash out of selling them. A platform, Studysoup allows pupils to sell the notes taken in a class online.

As simple as it sounds, there are a couple of things you need to take care of:
  1. The content has to be original
  2. The content of your notes has to be simple to understand, and easy to read. It's better to focus on writing in plain, the best possible way so as to make it extremely easy for readers.
  3. English is the only acceptable language.
  4. The notes you are/have preparing/prepared should have a significant amount of people looking for the information available in your notes.

3. Have a car? Rent it!

If you have a car standing in your garage, make use of it by renting it out for cash with websites offering such services like Hyrecar or Uber. However, if you have an old car or a worn out car, chances are you won't be able to get this one working.

Also, once your car is employed by any of these platforms, maintaining your rating is extremely crucial or else your services would be terminated. It is why you should know how to check your Uber rating so as to fix issues if there are any. To find more rentals, you can price your car for cheaper rates, however, finding the glittering spot between cash paid per transaction and number of rentals can be a bit difficult.

4. Have a knack for writing? Publish an eBook

A perfect example of generating passive income is an e-book, provided you possess skills in writing i.e., basic grammar skills and creativity. If you set things up in a right way, you can reap benefits for many years. Don't go for traditional publishing because it will require you to hire an agent, which can take a couple of years. Go for an e-book. Nowadays, many platforms like Amazon and Goodreads allows you to publish e-books and split the profits every time someone buys a book.

Choose topics that are high in demand. Figure this out by looking at the most sold e-books. It can be anything from a cooking-book to short-stories.

5. Have a flair for design? Sell your designed products!

If you know how to operate a graphic software and can design, you might be stunned to know that you can make some income simply by creating a t-shirt design. Cafepress and Spreadshirt allows people to design their own designs, and sell it on their platform, and keep the profit margin. This is probably the easiest way to generate income for you. No shipping, no warehousing, just design and earn!


Along with these, there are many other ways to generate passive income without investing anything. I hope these ways give you some ideas and hopes for generating more bucks. Implement them and see how the cash starts to flow in!