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5 Reasons to Get a TOGAF Certification

TOGAF which stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework, is a sophisticated and advanced approach towards the framework which is used by an enterprise to plan, strategize, implement and handle its Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise architecture can be majorly divided into different domains, namely data, technology, application, and business.

It is mostly dependent on existing, consistent products and improving technologies. The TOGAF certification program is mostly opted by developers, designers or technical leads to become a successful architect. Architects take the TOGAF certification exam too, to add more value to their resume and enhance their experience to move higher up the ladder towards senior architect job roles.

Which kind of job roles benefit from TOGAF?

After completing the TOGAF certification training program, you can benefit from EA (Executive Assistant) job roles such as:
  1. Lead Enterprise Architect
  2. Enterprise Architect
  3. Solution Architect
  4. Domain Architect
  5. Project Architect
  6. Business Architect
  7. Applications Architect
  8. Information Architect
  9. Technical Architect
  10. Security Architect

Why you should take up TOGAF certification program?

Here is a list of reasons which will help you understand the benefits of being TOGAF certified:

1) Staged Approach

Professionals who take the TOGAF certification training course tend to take a staged approach to the exam. When there are time or resource constraints, they act just like working professionals they frequently encounter that might prevent finishing the entire exam at one go. The TOGAF Certification exam is divided into two levels - the Foundation level and the Certified levels. You are required to qualify for the Foundation level by passing a multiple-choice test based on TOGAF related conceptions, procedures, and principles. If you want, you can take both exams at the same time. The Certified level exam is based on consequences and scenarios, which requires you to have a deeper understanding of Enterprise architecture.

2) High Demand and Popularity

TOGAF certified professionals have a high demand among head hunters and recruiters. Not only that, the professionals in enterprise architect roles find the certification highly advantageous as it increases productivity. In some companies, the TOGAF certification has been declared as a prerequisite for their job roles. So it is not just a preference anymore. Over 200 organizations are developing methods of executing TOGAF which is not limited within IT. It has become so popular that you can find TOGAF certified people all across the globe.

3) Low cost

The TOGAF certification program is quite inexpensive compared to the other diploma courses or certification programs that are offered nowadays. By taking the Foundation exam and the Certified level exam, you can save a lot of money. You can opt for a four-day course or study on your own and only pay for the tests that you take. The charges of an e-learning course is much less as it includes the cost of the tests. You can choose depending on your exact necessity and desired learning style. You can even prepare for the test in a short span of time or pick a long timeframe, if needed.

4) Common Language

Once you have completed your TOGAF certification program, it will give you the aptitude to use the common language with your enterprise architect team, which will in turn help you to get familiarized with the common architecture terminologies. This will lead to progress by reflecting your potential as a professional with high-level of quantifiable knowledge.

5) High Ranking

According to some recent surveys, it has been found out that the TOGAF certification is among the top high-paying certifications in the past year.

Being TOGAF certified is a sure and quick way is a way to enhance your skills and boost your career in architecture.