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Adsterra : Smart Advertising and Monetization for Advertisers & Publishers

Do you own a website and looking for options to make it more profitable?

Well, there are platforms and better alternatives to Google Adsense for publishers and advertisers who are in continuous search of affordable medium for targeted exposure. We were doing our own research in this domain and stumbled upon Adsterra Ad Network.

Started in 2013, Adsterra network is a now a premium advertising network serving over 10 billion targeted impressions per month. This exponential growth had expanded its reach and today Adsterra is working with thousands of advertisers and publishers around the globe. They offer different varieties of ad formats and sizes to help maximize publisher revenue.

Adsterra For Advertisers

1) Adsterra’s huge network comprises of wide range of publishers, this enormous linkage gives Adsterra advertisers a strong publisher base.

2) The anti-fraud control system helps in recognizing fake traffic. If a fraudulent activity is held funds are withheld from publisher and advertisers ’accounts are credited back.

3) Registering with Adestra will link you to an account manager. This will help you in getting all the assistance required to optimize the campaigns along with other queries.

4) Running different campaigns for different websites will help you reach the target audience. This can be achieved by configuring the device type, operating system, and demographics and hence maximizing ROI.

5) A personal dashboard will be at your expense to show real-time statistical data related to hosted campaigns. The information about the number of clicks, views and further detailed data related to active ads.

Adsterra For Publishers

1) Instant pay can be enjoyed by publishers and Adsterra provides many flexible ad formats to monetize according to blog traffic.
2) Comparing with other ad networks, Adsterra provides highest CPM. To experience the same register and place the ads accordingly. A number of ad formats are offered to Adsterra’s publishers ranging from classic display banner to intrusive pop-udders to skyscraper. All these are available in banner sizes of 160*600, 300*250, 728*90, 468*60, 800*440, 320*50.

3) The retargeting method is adapted by Adsterra to attract high-quality advertisers to show ads on your blogs, site or Facebook page. For instance, let us consider 100 people visit on a particular website and only 3 of them converted on their first visit, the retargeting method will reach out to remaining 97 visitors of your website who were not converted for the first time. This methodology helps Adsterra to show your ad to specific visitors later and bring them back.

4) Various payment methods like PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Payza, Payoneer and Paxum are available. Further, Adsterra pays out every two weeks where minimum threshold is $100 to withdraw funds. Wire transfer allows withdrawing $1000 funds with $45 processing fee. Also, the company follows NET15 norms.

5) Adsterra provides multi-language 24х7 support for its users.

6) Detailed real-time statistics can be accessed via the dashboard which gives real-time statistics of CTR, CPN, revenue, impressions, and clicks.


Summing up, careful approach to clients, high-quality service, high level of competencies, effective ad formats, a wide range of payment options makes Adsterra the best alternative to Google AdSense and helps in connecting with more customers within the targeted industry.