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5 Fantastic Things You Can Do at A Lightning Speed on a Mac!

Many people debate on whether they should take a Mac or opt for a PC when it comes to buying a new computer for their needs. Apple Mac users are happy with their choice, and they encourage PC users to switch to Mac for the obvious reasons that it is much better than a PC accordingly to their user experience. Experts say they are right to a great extent as there are many things that you can quickly do on a Mac over a PC. Some of them have been outlined below.

1. Install software easily from a single source

The moment you use a Mac you no longer have to hunt for different websites to look for the software that you need for your work. All you have to do is go to the App Store that has been specially designed for the OS X users and enter your user ID and password to get the software that you need at a single click. This saves time and makes the hunt for the right software a hassle-free experience!

2. Backup

The back -up experience on a Mac is super easy, and all you need to do is insert a new hard drive on your Mac for the purpose. OS X will ask you if you wish to back up your Mac and in case you had selected No in the past, visit System Preferences and go to Time Machine to select the disk that you wish to back up your information on. Users of Apple MacBook 13 and other models are happy with this fast feature that is convenient and not difficult like that of a PC.

3. Super fast Mac to Mac transfer

If you wish to transfer everything you own to a new Mac, the Time Machine feature helps you do so in a super -fast way. This process is difficult in case of Microsoft due to its stringent privacy measures. Mac users can transfer all their data just like carbon cloning in a short period of success.

4. Easy Updates

The experience of Microsoft updates is time-consuming, and you approximately need to wait for at least one hour for your device to install the latest updates. This issue, however, is absent in a Mac. Users here can work while they have their updates installed in the background without any hassles at all.

5. Remove software fast

Mac uses a UNIX base, and so removal of software is super easy and fast. You just need to open the App folder and select the software you no longer need. It will leave behind some files however they will not slow down your device!

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting a new Mac and replacing your PC, opting for the former is indeed a wise and prudent decision. The user experience with Mac is outstanding, and the best part is you efficiently can work seamlessly saving precious time in the process!

Author Bio : Charlie Brown is the author of this article, and he can provide the best guidance regarding Apple MacBook 13 and other models. You can find more information about MacBook Pro Screen from his articles.