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Using CMMS for Better Preventive Maintenance

Anyone who has been given the responsibility for maintaining commercial facilities and an entire manufacturing plant will certainly be aware of the headaches that are caused due to breakdowns of equipment. There must be numerous equipments in the factory to keep in the best operating condition and you would also know that if there is something that breaks down, the total process of operation might come to a halt.

You should also be aware of the fact that preventive maintenance management is indeed a vital factor if you want to avert all these breakdowns. What to do if you want to prevent such breakdowns? Well, CMMS or computerized maintenance management system can definitely be an amazing asset for boosting efficiency in scheduling preventive maintenance and reducing the time that is wasted due to sudden breakdowns of equipment. Here are few tips to leverage CMMS for better preventive maintenance.

Maintenance management should be proactive instead of reactive

The first thing that you have to take into account is that your maintenance management should be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t forget the fact that CMMS software is also a key element of effective process of maintenance management. The process is unique to the facility and the software is applied to fit into your process and is also refined in the best way possible. There has to be a team effort to make sure that the CMMS software meets everyone’s needs.

There should be set objectives to focus on

The team which you’ve appointed for maintenance management should focus on 3 objectives. They should be able to recognize areas for improvement of maintenance pursue improved ways of allocating costs of maintenance and offer your technicians an effective method of tracking and scheduling preventive maintenance plan.

Know which are the most pressing needs of your company

Next you have to determine the direst needs of your company and also evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the company. In what way should your staff react to a different approach towards maintenance? In what way is your maintenance plan implemented and in what way is it tracked? What kind of support do you have?

Analyze the objectives which you wish to achieve with the software

You also have to identify all the objectives which you want to attain with the CMMS software. If you start off with this kind of result in mind, set realistic deadlines through which you can achieve those goals. Ask yourself whether or not the goals are realistic. It is only when you have clearly focused on the goal that you’ve defined for yourself that you should let everyone in the facility to focus on the same.

When you have CMMS software in your manufacturing factory, you can easily maintain and track data with regards to procedures, maintenance schedules, usage of resources and other processes. It will also let you supervise over inventory levels and justify manpower.