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The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Low-Maintenance WordPress Website

The days of designing every page for your website are going down. The hours of diligence put in by the web developers has found a refuge in the WordPress type of platforms. With the rise of word press, it is easy to build a customizable website for you in namesake diligence and of high quality. The themes and various customizable options provided by the WordPress offer liberty to them in hosting the site.
If one is planning to build a WordPress site that is easy to maintain, WordPress comes to your rescue. WordPress provides liberty to create a simple and low-maintenance website which is ideal for nontechnical individuals. We are here with a series of the list that will help you to build a customized site which does not require much maintenance.

Choose a theme: WordPress provides many themes which one might choose from. The types of templates can be classified into two categories that are-
  1. Simple themes: using simple templates require low maintenance and those who are not so tech-savvy. A simple well-coded theme is best suited for the firms for whom internet platform is not of top priority.
  2. Advanced themes: at the sophisticated end, if you want to make an interactive website and are ready to fill the requirements of high- end maintenance, using advanced themes is your deal. It provides many plug-ins and customizable options.
Small tips to choose the right theme (low end) are listed below:
  1. Choose a simple theme as they are easy to manage and easier to update.
  2. Use the theme developed by a reputable author as it provides a higher credibility.
  3. Go for the themes which are popular, as those are popular only because they are successful in meeting the needs of customers and users and thus are well suited for your use.
  4. Choose the latest theme only as they contain the most recent customizable options. In these times, development is exponential, and there are new themes and plugins in the market.
  5. Focus on the plugin options that the theme provides. More prominent WordPress themes usually come up with plugins that provide some specific plugins including sliders, drag and drop page builders.
  6. How customizable is the theme? Customizable themes provide greater flexibility to the users and making websites which are well- suited for the user interface.
  7. Choose the right plugin: the plugin is a part of the software which is installed on WordPress website to add up extra functions. Some plugins are small, performing minor purposes while some are hugely complex adding primary functionality, for example, e-commerce memberships.
Some tips to select the right plugin for your need are listed below:
  1. Reason must drive selection: as per the advice of experts, to break any deal, and all you need must be present.
  2. The popularity of the plugins: again the same logic, a plugin is popular only if it suffices the user's needs.
  3. Quality and ratings: this field is complimentary to the last point. Popularity and quality are dependent on each other. Using the popular and quality plugins with high ratings is essential.
  4. Remove unnecessary plugins: Once your website is completed, have a look at the plugins in the admin tab. Do make sure to delete all the plugins which are not required. That, on the one hand, helps the users to communicate with the interface more efficiently, also provides a touch of minimalist themes which are very trendy.
Choosing the right hosting for WordPress website

Web host makes a big difference to the ease of maintenance. However, there is an added benefit, WordPress websites can work on almost any host. This factor provides you the adequate liberty to choose any host according to deals offered. On a counter note, we advise you to look for the packages which provide you one-click backups, a free staging site and instant restores. It does the work for you and eases your maintenance and updating requirements.

An easy to maintain website

By following the mentioned tips in the article, one can create a site which is robust and is correctly set up. With these tips, you will be using high-quality themes that are not so complicated. Along with it, a well-chosen set of plugins can provide the optimum functionality required.

Author bio: McArthur Wright has been a big name in theme designing now. He has been actively working as a web developer and has in-depth knowledge about both, traditional web designing and website designing via a WordPress site. He has written for many major tech based websites and is an accomplished speaker on recent internet trends. He has highlighted Profit Surge SEO, click here for more details http://www.profitsurgeseo.com/kansas-city.