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Fotophire: A Comprehensive Photo Editing Software

Our social media profiles and the whole of the internet would be pretty boring if we have to post or look at the raw unedited pictures clicked from our phone. Professional photographers post stunning pictures but newbies strive to attain that level of professionalism and don’t step back in trying different photo editing applications. A similar quest led us to Wondershare Fotophire and we found the art of professionalism can be achieved simply and beautifully with this application. This post will act as a handy guide to create beautiful pictures with Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit.

Photo Editor

The photo editor tool helps in performing basic tweaks and editing like adding effects, adding a text description to pictures, create images with a negative background, improve texture display and do such innumerable unique customization on pictures. Also, features like picture beautification are much simpler in Fotophire than in Adobe Photoshop which requires years of training.

Key Features in a nutshell

  1. Drag and Drop user interface.
  2. Process images in batches.
  3. Bundled with over 200 photo effects.
  4. Tool for color perfection, creative blur, and vignette effects
  5. Artwork framing

Photo Eraser

Photo eraser is a tool which performs the most sought after function in the easiest way possible. It can remove watermarks, clear out a bad section on a picture, and get past with unwanted photobombs. All of this can be achieved very easily and without the need for a training or attaining a learning curve.

Photo Cutter

Well, photo cutter is amongst the most fun feature as it lets you remove the background completely from the picture and add objects or backgrounds of your choice. The objective of removing the backgrounds can be achieved by creating a transparent background image using the photo cutter and moving it to the choice of banner design.

This feature comes handy for professionals or bloggers who wish to create a unique image for their blog posts, SnapChat, WhatsApp media statuses, and Instagram.

More Features

Wondershare Fotophire is a recently launched app and the company is working on to make it better. There are new creative tools that are in line to be added to the app including a photo maximizer which zooms out pictures and retain their quality by eliminating the blurs and pixilation which come hustled when we zoom into a picture. Also, the tool will get updated to bring in the feature of photo focus that will aim at fixing a blurry picture in a few clicks.


Coming in handy for digital photographers, bloggers, social media managers, photo enthusiasts, online shop owners and even photo hobbyists, Wondershare Fotophire features some of the most sought-after functions of best mobile photo editors. The tool is extremely easy to understand and has a user-friendly interface. There is no major hardware specification required to use this as it works with most basic hardware configuration. You can choose to use this tool for free which will give you access to its limited features, or buy at $59.99 to get exposed to this entire application.

So don't wait to 'Phire up' your creativity by downloading Wondershare Fotophire photo editing software!