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Modern-day USB type-C Express Cables Are Redefining Ease of Use!

The emerging trend of USB-C OTG has been creating a lot of stir in the world. As much as it is in news mist users are yet bit aware of its functionality and existence. Only the new models of recently released laptops, phones, and tablets these USB-C type technology has been introduced. Although it was printed in theories back in 2914, the real-life practical version of the USB-C type is unbelievably not even a year older. This comes as a surprise for a world where technology has been pacing up more than we could imagine. Port data connectivity can now multitask as a charger, a data cable transfer, audio and visual display.

Let us have a look at the features what makes a USB-C hub:

It has a micro-sized USB connector which can support various USB standards up to 3.1mm port size and 75 watts of power delivery.

The standard USB Type-A connector is most familiar ports of all kinds. The switch from USB 1 to USB 2 hasn't been as great as the modern day USB 3 devices, so much that the connector stays the same in each case. The shift was even more critical because the device is getting sleeker than before and the ports remained thick and broader to make it difficult to fit in artistically created modern day laptops and tablet devices.

To have a solution for this awkward situation with various sizes and shapes of connectors and ports, the USB Type C OTG is a revolution. If you have been looking to buy one of these hyped Type-C Hubs, here is a list of most sought-after products that users love. These products will give life to your modern day technology-based laptops and mobile phones.

1. The Gift Kart OTG

  1. Its premium matte metal look gives a rich feel to the user.
  2. It has a high speed if 5 GBPS which depends upon the device you connect it to.
  3. It has an easy to use, user-friendly operating system, as easy as plug and play.
  4. With its Type C port, you can now connect any 3.0 or 2.0 ports with your device using this OTG.

2. iVoltaa C-Type OTG

  1. It gives you an ability to connect USB-C devices to another USB cable of micro sizes for data syncing and charging abilities.
  2. It can transfer up to 480 MBPS of data and charges up to 2.4.

3. KiwiBird OTG USB Type-C

  1. It is enabled to be used for Micro-sized USB port.
  2. It can use as an SD memory reader.

4. Micro OTG USB Type-C

  1. It is capable of being used with external hard disks.
  2. With the help of this OTG cable, one can connect a USB flash drive, the mouse and keyboard of your desktop, and perform high-speed data transfers.

5. Nspeed Type C USB OTG adapter

  1. It has a compact design which allows uninterrupted adjacent port access.
  2. It provides a maximum power of 100 watts.
Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. Currently, she is working on the USB Type C OTG. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.