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Top 7 Best Online Tools For Writers

Writing your way to stardom and professionalism is no mean feat at times. This is because it is not every day that a Shakespeare is born. Sometimes writers are made. Actually, this happens over ninety percent of the time. However, you really must be able to follow through writing lessons with strict adherence to rules therein. Well, people love to share their skills and knowledge with the world through writing and conventionally, it has been through books.

Over time, everything has shifted from hard copy-intensive literary composition to softcopy publications. In other words, the internet and other forms of technology have revolutionized the world of authors. To be relevant these days, one needs to be well-conversant with the changing dynamics of writing. Readers keep changing but as it stands today, you will be writing for an audience that is largely made up of millennials; people who love to access news, features and other bulletins via social media or on websites right at their fingertips. It equally means you have to stay relevant in the age of information plethora even if you run a writing dissertation service.

Keeping tabs on progress with the best writing tools

The internet never forgets. So, do not run the risk of crafting articles replete with mistakes and the rush to publish them on your blog or social media. Those who have made such mistakes know that the internet equally doesn’t forgive and any mistake such as poor grammar can turn one into a laughing stock. Readers tend to be critical. They read between the lines, to say the least. And coupled with a desire of becoming a top writer whose posts readers will fall in love with, it is important to keep tabs on among other things, vocabulary, grammar, spellings, style and more. This post explores some handy tools for modern day writers. Essentially, those who want to start a writing career and be able to compete favorably with the best writing helpers such as writemypaper123.com. Read on and get to know about some of the best online tools for writers.

Google Docs

There are lots of word processing programs but when it comes to that which requires collaborative effort in as far as writing is concerned, then Google Docs is a top choice. The good thing about it is that it can be accessed anywhere and on any computer. What’s more is that you can see, in real-time, changes made the person with whom you are doing a writing project.

Editing: Grammarly, Hemmingway

Today, there are lots of editing tools any writer will find suitable. Grammarly and Hemmingway have become some of the most popular. There are many other editing tools like writemypaper123.com. It depends on what you have been using and whether you find it effective and efficient.


Another greater tool for collaborative work is Trello. Basically, it helps you plan, organize, and share content. From to-do lists to excerpts from a publication, you will find this a very useful tool for writers.


It would be incomplete to talk about writing tools without mentioning Evernote. This will help you create short notes, put down ideas, whether in audio or written format and clip favorite articles from across the internet. It is also an ideal tool for creating quick references to help you through a project swiftly.

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes writing through typing can get tiresome. However, Dragon Dictation is a tool that will keep you going without placing a finger on the keyboard. Every word you say is recorded and converted to written format on the go.

Hubspot topic generator

Writers’ blocks can be a huge hindrance to blogging progress especially when you cannot think creatively anymore due to fatigue. This topic generator comes in handy during such times. With it, you get to come up with great topics within seconds. It’s definitely a good tool for writing papers help, right?

Cliché finder

Clichés can ruin can very annoying and sometimes it gets difficult to identify them. With cliché finder, anything hidden will be uncovered so that at the end of the day, you publish an original piece of work. Here are some common clichés to avoid at all costs.

In summary, while the internet has presented writers with an opportunity to publish and share their stories real-time, it equally serves as a platform for product writing tools anyone can ever wish for. From those which help you plan, write, edit to share, there is absolutely no reason to worry anymore.