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DUAXI TimeShare: Innovative Dual Display Smart Alarm Clock

Duaxi’s founder and inventor Scott Buss has thought of something, so simple, yet so vital that made us wonder, why we couldn’t think of it! The Timeshare alarm clock is creating a buzz around consumers and hospitality industry. All set to go live on February 27th 2018, this clock is featured by Huffington Post and is supported by Kickstarter campaign. In addition, Duaxi has announced promising incentives for those who will be contributing to this crowdfunding effort. Let us explore more about the idea behind Time Share Alarm clock.

The idea popped up in middle of the night in Duaxi’s founder’s mind, when he was sharing a hotel room with his friend and glanced at the alarm clock that stood on the table between the beds. His friend has turned the clock to himself and Scott had to get up, to turn the clock to himself to see the time which was discomforting. This made him think about ‘How to put time on your side?’, and hence, this long-time entrepreneur and inventor has provided a great hospitality solution to the hotel industry.

He realized the need for an everyday consumer to have an alarm clock that should be visible from all areas of a bedroom, dormitory or hotel room. The Timeshare alarm clock, apart from having dual faces that show time on both sides of an angle facing bed, also has multiple patents.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also includes a patented charging docking station which supports USB-C (for Android device charging) and lightning (for iPhone charging) which can swivel in any direction. This rotating dock can face towards multiple users and they will be able to see who is calling, listen to music, video chat, or watch movies and videos from any angle of the room. Also, the dock has its own high-quality speaker which makes it easier to receive or make phone calls or even enjoy movies and music at a distance.

This resolves the problem of the traditional single display alarm clock by eliminating the inconveniences of limited viewing angles, as they don’t measure up to the viewing capacity and charging ability of Timeshare alarm clock. The product have been greatly accepted by hospitality industries as it provides their guests the next level of hospitality and amenities. Customers can dock their phones on Timeshare and continue to do their business while making or answering phone calls, chat and listen to music from any angle thus saving their time in getting up and getting ready.

In the words of Duaxi’s founder, ‘Seconds do matter’ and we echo on these. Any invention that inclines towards saving time as well as is customer-centric is revolutionary. Further in the words of Buss “no more need to turn the alarm clock towards another area of the room, upon waking, when getting ready for the day or setting the alarm when going to bed”.

You can have a look at their Kickstarter campaign at Duaxi's Kickstarter Page and have more information about Duaxi on their website.