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Choosing the Best Bingo App for iOS

If you thought bingo was only for those of a certain age, you’ve clearly missed one of the most dramatic – and some might say bizarre – trends in mobile gaming over the past couple of years. As it has followed other traditional gambling activities, such as cards games, slots and sports betting, online, bingo has gathered momentum as one of the most popular online pastimes among people of all ages.

Bingo’s growing popularity online

The parallels with other games in what might be loosely termed the gambling sector does not end with its popularity. More players and an increased profile have led to a flood of new bingo sites appearing online. The Bingo Sites website has been created specifically to catalog them and compare the different offers available. We’ve used this information and other sources to find some of the best bingo apps for iOS.

Sun bingo

The Sun is the most famous tabloid newspaper in the UK and has never been afraid to court controversy. It is also well-known for its games and competitions, so it’s no surprise that its Sun Bingo app has rapidly become one of the most famous. The moment you open the app, you feel as if you have been transported into a vibrant bingo hall. The gameplay is slick and the different areas of the app are easy to navigate. With big prizes and bonuses, this app is a great all-rounder, and it’s no surprise that it has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Gala Bingo

Here’s a name from the good old days of bingo. Gala used to be famous for running land-based bingo halls, and despite going through a succession of changes in ownership, it remains the biggest bingo company in the UK. Many of the bingo clubs are still going, and Gala even had its own TV channel, but it is the iPhone app that is winning the newest customers. The games are varied and fun, and the in-app chat feature lets you communicate with other players, adding the social aspects of the bingo hall to your online game.

Wink Bingo

From an old stager to the new kid on the block, Wink Bingo is causing a stir with its £900 welcome bonus offers for new players. That represents a whole lot of bingo cards, and when you add in the factors of multiple game choices, special bonus events, and hidden jackpots, you start to see why more players than ever are making a beeline for iTunes to download the Wink bingo app.

Foxy Bingo

When Heather Graham was literally unmasked as the face behind the fox, the target market for this app became obvious. But the app itself is more than just a pretty face. The welcome bonuses are generous, and there’s a great choice of either 75 or 90 ball games. The app is also keen to do a little cross-selling, giving you the opportunity to check out some other games in its online casino.